Flashlight incorporates three 1 W LEDs.

Press Release Summary:

FlashLED FLT-5001 emits 1,800 foot-candles of white light through three 1 W, Luxeon(TM) solid-state LEDs. Each LED features onboard collimator that focuses light into tight beam with intensity rating of 75 lumens. Integrated flashlight head, comprised of LED lamps, lenses, and reflectors, optimizes light color, intensity, and dispersion. Measuring 12.31 in. long, unit operates for nearly 17 days on 3 replaceable D-cell batteries.

Original Press Release:

Powerful, New LED Flashlight Features Three 1-Watt LEDs to Eclipse All Previous LED Flashlights, Rival the Brightness of Incandescent Models and Provide Unmatched Reliability

TORRANCE, CA - June 30, 2004 - LEDtronics announces the newest and most powerful addition to their popular line of LED FlashLEDs - the FlashLED FLT-5001 - that surpasses the light output of all its predecessors and rivals incandescent flashlights of equal power. Press the switch and a dazzling 1800 foot-candles of white light erupts from the three 1-Watt Luxeon(tm) LEDs. (Luxeon LEDs are the brightest solid-state light source commercially available.) Each LED features an onboard collimator that focuses the light into tight beam for an intensity of 75 lumens each. The fully integrated flashlight head (the LED lamps, lenses and reflectors) optimizes light color, intensity and dispersion. The FlashLED FLT-5001 comes standard with three white 1-Watt LEDs. These long-lasting LED lamps operate for more than 100,000 hours (10 years). This energy-efficient FlashLED operates for nearly 17 days on three replaceable D-cell batteries. (Batteries are not included with flashlight.) At 12.31" (313mm) the flashlight is just over a foot long and weighs 17.2 ounces (0.488kg) without batteries. Use the FlashLED FLT-5001 as a reliable portable light source for examining instruments, reading maps, navigating trails, inspecting utility conduits, hunting, policing, etc. . . .

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