Flash Soldering Laser System achieves speeds of <0.3 sec/point.

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Able to integrate pre- and post-soldering processes, such as SMT and through-hole devices, Unix FS Series employs integrated optical laser configuration that promotes speed and productivity. System speed enables 100 points to be soldered in <30 sec depending on various conditions. Along with integrated soldering process for both solder paste and wire, features include coaxial camera as well as simple setup and operation with direct teaching.

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Japan Unix's Flash Soldering Series Doubles Speed with New Optical Laser Configuration

TOKYO, JAPAN — Japan Unix, a solutions provider for manual and soldering automation, announces a speed upgrade to its flash soldering Unix FS Series. The innovative flash soldering laser system is two times faster than a typical laser and can integrate pre- and post-soldering processes such as surface mount and through-hole devices. In addition to increasing speed, the Series can improve productivity.

A new, integrated optical laser configuration achieves “double speed” on the updated FS Series. At less than 0.3 sec per point, the system can accomplish anything from SMT to through-hole soldering with unbelievable speed. Flash soldering not only saves power consumption but also reduces maintenance.

The Unix FS Series focuses on three main elements:

• Speed: Depending on various conditions, 100 points can be soldered in less than 30 seconds, which significantly increases productivity. A regular laser provides <0.5 sec/point while Japan Unix’s laser does the same in <0.25 sec/point.

• Integration: Featuring integrated soldering process for both solder paste and wire, the FS Series has a coaxial camera that follows actual soldering work scenes. It also has a simple setup and operation with direct teaching and soon will feature automatic correction and error detection. Additionally, it is possible to integrate pre- and post-soldering.

• The series’ compact size saves both space and power consumption compared to flow and reflow machines. Additionally, its footprint is compact enough to fit into any system scale, and its fixed soldering work area successfully reduces space.

To watch the Flash Soldering FS Series in action, watch the following videos:

• Flash soldering to 103 chip resisters (0.2 x 0.04 inches): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBOuAHz3TSU

• Integrated soldering processes, both SMT and through-hole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIs4sGodiOI

For more information about Japan Unix’s Flash Soldering System Series, visit https://www.japanunix.com/en/products/laser/flash.php. Contact Japan Unix at www.japanunix.com to ensure the FS Series can be exported to your country.

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