Flash Microcontrollers suit automotive applications.

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Based on 32-bit RISC CPU core, Models MB91F465P and MB91F467P feature up to 4 CAN controllers and up to 12 LIN-UARTs. Units provide 544 and 1,088 KB flash memory as well as 40 and 80 KB RAM, respectively. Model MB91F467P also offers E2PROM emulation in separate data flash with size of 64 KB. Operating from 3.0-5.5 V, series includes integrated PLL that enables clock frequencies up to 100 MHz, 8 free-running 16-bit timers, sixteen 16-bit reload timers, and 32 independent PPG/PWM channels.

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Fujitsu Announces 32-bit Flash Microcontroller Series for Use in Automotive and Industrial Applications

Langen and Nurnberg, Germany March 3rd 2009 - Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) is expanding its range of 32-bit RISC microcontrollers to include the MB91460P series, which has been developed in close co-operation with leading automotive electronics customers. The new series, based on a powerful 32-bit RISC CPU core, is a member of the successful MB91460 family, and provides extensive peripheral functions while also supporting a number of automotive and industrial applications.

Contemporary electronic designs require ever more computing power and ever-increasing integration density. Efficient data recording, processing and distribution are essential and require not only a large number of communications interfaces, such as CAN and LIN, but also a high degree of flash and RAM memory capacity. The MB91F465P and MB91F467P microcontrollers meet these requirements, providing up to four CAN controllers and up to twelve LIN-UARTs. The MB91F467P differs from the MB91F465P in that the amount of flash memory is doubled from 544kB to 1088kB and the RAM memory from 40kB to 80kB RAM. It also features additional E2PROM emulation in a separate data flash with a size of 64kB.

The integrated PLL enables clock frequencies of up to 100MHz while power consumption is reduced through dynamic de-activation of unused chip functions. Further power-saving is provided by the integrated 32kHz sub-clock oscillator and efficient stand-by modes such as 'stop' and 'sleep'. Integrated clock monitoring automatically switches the clock source to the internal RC oscillator if the main oscillator malfunctions, and supports safety-relevant requirements.

Efficient and flexible timer architectures and the option of generating and/or recording ultra-precise signals are essential requirements of many systems. The MB91F460P series offers eight free-running 16-bit timers, sixteen 16-bit reload timers and thirty-two independent PPG/PWM channels. Digital and analogue signals are recorded by up to forty-one 10-bit A/D converter channels and the eight ICU and eight OCU modules.

In addition to their use in control units for the industrial environment, target applications for the new series include in-vehicle applications such as automotive gateways, body-control systems and central control units. It is extremely simple to connect Fujitsu's graphics controller to the external bus interface, thus extending the range of applications to include powerful operation panels, dashboard and driver-assistant systems.

The MB91F460P series is supplied in RoHS-compatible 176-pin QFP housing, operates across the entire automotive temperature range and, thanks to the integrated voltage regulator, enables an operating voltage of between 3.0 and 5.5V.


MB91F465P samples are available now. The extended MB91F467P version will be available from Q2/2009.

Development tools, starter kits, hardware & software debuggers and third-party support for low-level drivers for automotive operating systems such as AUTOSAR and OSEK, are available in ready-to-use form.

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