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Flash Microcontrollers are based on 16-bit CPU core.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for security and high-end motor control applications, ZNEO(TM) Z16F family contains 32, 64, and 128 KB internal Flash memory with 16-bit access and in-circuit programming capability. CPU instruction set is optimized for near single-cycle instructions yielding up to 20 MIPS at 20 MHz. RoHS-compliant, single chip solution also offers external bus with 24 bit address and 16 bit data. Compiler-friendly instruction set supports multibyte push/pop framer pointer manipulation.

Original Press Release:

ZiLOG® Unveils 16-Bit Offering - ZNEO(TM)

Single Chip Solution Provides Enhanced Performance, Lower Price Point and BOM for Security and High-End Motor Control Applications

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, BOSTON, Sept. 27 -- ZiLOG(R), Inc. (NASDAQ:ZILG) today officially unveiled its first 16-bit product, the ZNEO(TM) Z16F family of Flash microcontrollers (MCUs). Based on ZiLOG's new ZNEO 16-bit CPU core, which itself was designed to meet the continuing demand for faster and more code-efficient microcontrollers, the ZNEO MCU targets specific markets such as high-end motor control and domestic security applications.

ZiLOG's move into the 16-bit MCU space is an extension of the company's application-specific product strategy and extends ZiLOG's portfolio outside of pure 8-bit products. With the scheduled introduction of its 32-bit ARM-9 family in the latter part of 2006, ZiLOG has moved from a broad range 8-bit MCU supplier to a company that offers a full complement of devices designed to meet a broad range of application-specific needs.

Commenting on the introduction of the new product line, ZiLOG interim CEO Robin Abrams said: "ZNEO addresses the significant market demand for a full-featured, 16-bit solution providing up to 128KB Flash memory and more processing power, as well as a migration option with higher code density for our existing Z8 Encore!(R) base. We are already working with several customers on security and high end motor control applications with ZNEO, providing a cost-competitive, single device System-on-Chip (SOC) option which, in motor control applications for example, can not only run the motor but control other functions of the product such as the display, keypad and other user interfaces, negating the need for additional MCUs and lowering overall bill of materials."

Available immediately via ZiLOG's regular network of distributors, ZNEO delivers optimized performance and efficiency with an external bus -- 24-bit address and 16-bit data. The ZNEO Z16F CPU instruction set has been optimized for near single-cycle instructions yielding up to 20 MIPS at 20MHz, combined with large zero wait state internal Flash, powerful math functions, 32-bit ALU supporting 8-, 16-, and 32-bit operations, embedded 32x32 multiply/64x32 divide operations, and 16-bit bus widths and external 16-bit bus. The compiler-friendly instruction set supports multibyte push/pop framer pointer manipulation so that code generation is very compact. A rich array of peripherals and analog features make this microcontroller suitable for a large number of applications from security panels to motor control. All ZNEO(TM) devices are RoHS compliant. The family contains 32KB, 64KB and 128KB of internal Flash memory accessed by the CPU at 16 bits at a time, thus improving processor throughput. Up to 4KB of internal RAM provides easy storage of data, variables and stack operations.

Key features of ZNEO Z16F Series MCU include:

o 20 MHz ZiLOG ZNEO CPU Core
o Up to 128 KB internal Flash program memory with 16-bit access and in-circuit programming capability; Up to 4 KB internal RAM with 16-bit access
o Up to twelve channels 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
o Integrated Operational Amplifier, Analog Comparator and Internal Precision Oscillator
o 4-channel DMA controller supports internal or external DMA requests
o Two full-duplex 9-bit UARTS with support for LIN and IrDA
o I2C master-slave controller and Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (ESPI) controller
o 0 degrees C to +70 degrees C standard temperature, -40 degrees C to +105 degrees C extended temperature and -40 degrees C to +105 degrees C automotive operating ranges

The features of ZNEO CPU include:

o 16 MB of Program Memory address space for object code and data with 8-bit or 16-bit data paths
o Support for 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit ALU operations
o 24-bit stack with overflow protection
o Direct register-to-register architecture allows each memory address to function as an accumulator. This improves execution time and decreases the required program memory
o New instructions improve execution efficiency for code developed using higher-level programming languages, including C language
o Pipelined instruction fetch, decode, and execution

Software and Development Kits

As with all ZiLOG products, the ZNEO Z16F series is supported by a comprehensive suite of development tools and software, which includes the ZNEO Series Modular Development System (MDS), USB Smart Cable for PC to ZNEO Series MDS and 5-volt DC universal power supply. Software is supplied on CD-ROM and includes ZDS II ZNEO IDE with ANSI C-complier and sample code.


Pricing for the ZNEO Z16F series ranges from $6.00 to $8.00 at 500-unit quantities depending on memory size and peripheral configuration. Product can be ordered via local ZiLOG sales offices or ZiLOG distributor. More information on ZNEO can be found at

About ZiLOG, Inc.

ZiLOG, Inc. Founded in 1974, ZiLOG won international acclaim for designing one of the first architectures in the microprocessors and microcontrollers industry. Today, ZiLOG is a leading global supplier of 8-bit micro logic devices. It designs, manufactures and markets a broad portfolio of devices for embedded control and communication applications used in consumer electronics, home appliances, security systems, point of sales terminals, personal computer peripherals, as well as industrial and automotive applications. ZiLOG is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 500 people worldwide with sales offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America. For more information about ZiLOG and its products, visit the Company's website at:

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