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ProLINE-RoadRunner(TM) with Variable Capacity Option removes unprogrammed Flash memory devices from tape, uses FlashCORE(TM) archtiecture to program up to 4 devices in parallel, then delivers programmed parts to pick-up point of placement machine. It is available in 1, 2, and 3 site derivative versions and for Universal, Siemens, Fuji, and Assembleon SMT equipment. Derivative versions are field expandable.

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Data I/O® Corporation Announces Variable Capacity Option(TM) for its Industry Leading Programming System

Redmond, WA, September 10, 2002 - Data I/O Corporation® (NASDAQ: DAIO), a leading provider of advanced programming systems, announces the ProLINE- RoadRunner(TM) Variable Capacity Option as a cost-effective entry to the inline programming environment.

Low-density Flash production often does not require expensive high throughput capital equipment. To meet the demands of this market, Data I/O has released a ProLINE- RoadRunner configuration to suit these customers' manufacturing environments.

"These cost-effective entry-level products give customers the benefits of moving from outsourcing to inline device programming or from programming at test to programming at placement," said Mark Briant, Data I/O's Product Marketing Manager for Automated Systems. "Using the ProLINE-RoadRunner product on customers' production line Surface Mount Technology equipment, customers can simplify inventory management, improve supply chain efficiencies, and increase manufacturing profits, with minimal capital outlay."

The ProLINE-RoadRunner removes unprogrammed Flash Memory devices from tape, programs up to four devices in parallel, then delivers the programmed parts to the pick-up point of the placement machine. The RoadRunner's FlashCORE(TM) architecture contains the world's fastest Flash programmer. Combined with its mechanical ability, manufacturing operations are realizing dramatic reductions in inventory carrying and rework costs by using this unique Just-In-Time programming system.

The industry-acclaimed 4-site ProLINE-Roadrunner(TM) is now available in 1, 2, and 3 site derivative versions and for use on Universal, Siemens, Fuji and Assembleon SMT equipment.

Derivative versions are field expandable to keep up with the demands of increased Flash densities and decreasing production TAKT times. Expansion can also be achieved as needed either by installing a second ProLINE-RoadRunner unit onto the same placement machine or onto a different machine, on the same line. This is ideal for newer higher density Flash products, multi Flash vendor placement, or to further reduce production line TAKT times as demands on capacity increase. Both alternatives require no additional premium manufacturing floor space.

About Data I/O.
Celebrating 30 years of innovative leadership in the device programming industry, Data I/O Corporation® (NASDAQ: DAIO) provides manual and automated device programming systems that specifically address the requirements of engineering and manufacturing customers. By combining leading edge technology and a deep understanding of our customers' business processes, Data I/O is creating systems that dramatically improve Return on Investment. New systems include the world's fastest and most cost-effective inline and manual Flash programming solutions, ProLINE-RoadRunner(TM) and FlashPAK(TM) Networked Programming System. The company's Connected Programming Strategy optimizes programming from design through manufacturing by creating a networked solution that connects engineering to manufacturing, business processes to business systems, and the firmware supply chain to its users. Data I/O Corporation is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and has sales and service offices worldwide.

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Jeff Kenyon
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Goldstein Group Communications

Mark Briant
Product Marketing Manager, Automated Systems.
Data I/O Corporation

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