Flanged Control Valve features modular housing.

Press Release Summary:

Targeting industrial refrigeration retrofit market, Model ICV (H)A4A uses single common housing and 3 functional inserts: ICS-(H)A4A and ICS-(H)S4A pilot valve, ICM-HMMV and ICMHMMR motor valve, and ICLX-S9A two-step valve. Unit is rated for pressures to 754 psi and temperatures from -76 to 248°F. Valve is approved for use with ammonia, CO2, and other non-flammable refrigerants. Flexible design facilitates planning, designing, and fitting of refrigeration installation.

Original Press Release:

New! Retrofit Made Easy the ICV Control Valve with Flanges from Danfoss: One Valve Housing, Three Multi-functional Inserts

BALTIMORE – Danfoss has invigorated the Industrial Refrigeration retrofit market with the introduction of the ICV (H)A4A control valve with flanges, the full replacement for all common flanged control valves on the market. Inspired by the pioneering ICV Flexline™ platform, the ICV (H)A4A control valve’s modular design extends the lifetime of your existing refrigeration installation while delivering a significant reduction in cost, energy, and servicing and maintenance times.

With the ICV (H)A4A control valve, Danfoss has constructed the superior alternative for all competitor common flanged control valves on the market.

ICV with flanges: Retrofit made easy

The ICV (H)A4A control valve’s single common valve housing and three functional inserts – the ICS-(H)A4A and ICS-(H)S4A pilot valve, the ICM-HMMV and ICMHMMR motor valve and the ICLX-S9A two-step valve -- mean fewer components and a reduced need for spare parts. 

The result?  Expect faster and easier retrofitting and system extensions.

Compact, modular, future-ready

Compact, light-weight and easy to install, the ICV (H)A4A control valve is fully-flexible due to its modular concept: one valve housing with three multi-functional inserts.  This flexible design leads to easier planning, designing and fitting of your refrigeration installation.

The ICV (H)A4A control valve is the future of refrigeration installation – and the future is now.

No more welding

Without the need for cutting or welding, you will enjoy a simpler installation layout.

Thanks to the ICV (H)A4A control valve, replacing competitor flanged control valves has never been easier.

For more information:

Please visit our dedicated website www.danfoss.com/ICV or contact your local wholesaler or your Danfoss representative.

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