Flange Ring features V-shaped groove in inner diameter.

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Design of V-Flange Ring ensures that force is distributed evenly on flange adapter. Made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene PP-H, ring is resistant to UV light and broad range of chemicals. Plastic design prevents piping components in flange connection from creeping, while error-free symmetrical design ensures proper installation. Available in ½ through 12 in. per ANSI Class 150 standard, V-Flange Ring is suited for ambient temperatures up to 176°F.

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George Fischer's New V-Flange Ring Offers Improved Flange Connection and Light Weight Cost-Savings Design

TUSTIN, Calif. - Oct. 21, 2003 - George Fischer, Inc. has introduced the new light-weight V-Flange Ring, which features a patent pending V-shaped groove in the inner diameter. The innovative new V-design ensures that force is distributed evenly on the flange adapter, providing superior connection strength and durability.

The all-plastic flange ring is made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene PP-H (polypropylene homopolymer) and is ideally suited for the conveyance of aggressive media in applications where safety, reliability and long service life are required.

The all-plastic design weighs one-third less than its flange ring counterparts built with steel cores, significantly reducing transportation costs and simplifying installation. With one 10" flange weighing less than five pounds, installers can easily carry several 10" flanges at a time to the installation site. Plastic design also prevents the piping components in the flange connection from creeping, as can happen with steel flanges. And error-free symmetrical design ensures proper installation.

Other outstanding features include high resistance to ultraviolet light and other harsh environments. The fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene homopolymer provides a broad range of chemical resistance while its hydrolysis resistance capabilities make it suited for applications where traditional polyester flanges are unsuitable. Free of joining seams, the V-Flange Ring demonstrates very little internal stress, reducing the risk of stress cracking and increasing safety.

Available in ½" through 12" per ANSI Class 150 standard, the V-Flange Ring can be used at ambient temperatures up to 176F, with other medium temperatures determined by choice of plastic piping system used, i.e., PVC, CPVC, or Beta PP. ISO14001 rated, the raw materials of the V-Flange Ring can be recycled or disposed of without endangering the environment if the piping system needs to be dismantled.

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