Flange Nut lessens likelihood of losing wheels.

Press Release Summary:

Intended for hub piloted wheels, Skirt Nut model No. 40125 acts as replacement for common 22 x 1.5 mm wheel attaching nuts. It centers rim/tire onto wheel and prevents dangerous clocking. Extended threading allows nut to penetrate into Hub-Piloted Disk Wheel extra 3/16 in. into stud hole, preventing any movement which results from extra space between stud and hub base. Coated in graphite-based sealant, nut meets/exceeds Standard SAE J1965 and will not rust onto wheel/rim.

Original Press Release:

ESCO Skirt Nut

ESCO introduces its new Skirt Nut model # 40125 as a replacement for the common wheel attaching nuts the 22mm x 1.5 flange nut.

ESCO Skirt Nut, for hub piloted wheels, centers the rim/tire onto the wheel and prevents dangerous "clocking", the number one cause of loose wheels that can result in catastrophic "Wheel Offs". The Skirt Nut is the only flange nut in the market that meets and exceeds Standard SAE J1965.

The Skirt Nuts patented design, features extended threading which allows the Skirt Nut to penetrate into the Hub-Piloted Disk Wheel an extra 3/16" (5mm) into the stud hole preventing any movement which results from extra space between the stud and hub base (5mm). Coated in a graphite based sealant, unlike standard flange nuts, Skirt Nut will not rust onto the wheel/rim, causing issues when servicing or changing the wheel. One part number fits all 22mm hub piloted applications.

To maintain correct torque and clamping force, improve tire wear, and eliminate the risk of wheel loss, 10 Skirt Nuts per wheel are recommended. All Wheel attaching parts must be torqued to meet Manufacturers specs according to OSHA Regulation 29CFR1950.177 "Servicing Single Piece Wheels".

Samples of the Skirt Nut are available upon request

Ordering Details
Ship Date: Available upon request. Sold in case of 10 or 50
Delivery: 1 week ARO
How to Purchase: Contact ESCO for purchasing information.

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