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Flange Mount Blowers target OEM air moving applications.

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Flange Mount Blowers target OEM air moving applications.

Nov 08, 2012 - Equipped with single or 3-phase TEFC motors and direct-drive, backward curved GRP airfoil impellers, TFD Flange Mount Blowers offer capacities to 4,500 cfm and are suitable for 0–160°F. Units have epoxy coated steel housing, cast aluminum impeller hub with bushing, and flanged and drilled outlet with ABS inlet cone. CW rotation can be rotated to any position.

Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc. - Buffalo, NY

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TFD Flange Mount Blower

Press release date: Oct 23, 2012

Continental Fan’s TFD Flange Mount Blowers are compact air moving devices, ideally suited for OEM applications that require superior air performance, exceptional smoothness and quiet operation.

TFD Blowers feature TEK backward curved airfoil impellers, the industry’s quietest and most efficient OEM impellers. TEK impellers combine precision injection molding techniques with modern high strength plastics to produce a wheel that is stronger than steel, yet half its weight. They deliver fan performance approaching aerodynamic perfection.

TFD Blowers provide the perfect solution to many industrial, commercial and OEM air moving applications.

• Direct drive, non-overloading ‘TEK’ impeller
• Highly efficient airfoil (BCA) design
• CW rotation rotatable to any position
• Epoxy coated steel housing
• Flanged and drilled outlet , ABS inlet cone
• Rugged GRP airfoil impeller
• Cast aluminum impeller hub w/bushing
• Single or three phase TEFC motors
• Suitable for 0 F to 160 F
• Capacities to 4,500 cfm

The TFD Flange Mount Blower, a better AIRFLOW solution from: Continental Fan
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