Flange Covers come in wide range of materials and sizes.

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Available in ANSI/ASME B16.5 standard ranges with 150-2,500 lb ratings and ½-24 in. nominal sizes, flange protection disks come if 3 distinct materials to meet application requirements. Die-cut flange protectors include standard 5/8 in. hole pattern and bolt-hole sizes that match flange bolt-hole. Accessory items, such as flange plugs and cable ties, are available to accommodate all securing needs.

Original Press Release:

Flange Protection Disks

Alliance Plastics is pleased to offer our newly expanded line of flange protection disks. Sizes include ANSI /ASME B16.5 standard ranges from 150lb-2500lb ratings and from ½" nominal to 24" nominal sizes. Our flange covers come in 3 distinct materials for your appliance preference. Our die-cut flange protectors include std 5/8" hole pattern and bolt-hole sizes that match the flange bolt-hole. Alliance Plastics also offers a complete line of accessory items like flange plugs and cable ties to accommodate all securing needs.

In additions to our die-cut flange protectors and accessory items, Alliance Plastics continues to offer new and expanded flange covers in various styles ranging from peel-and-stick design, with adhesive backing, to our original design of bolted flange protectors that require no fasteners.

To view the complete product line; request a free printed catalog or request samples, visit us at www.allianceplastics.com/flange-protectors or call us at 1-800-832-8677.

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