Fixed DLP Projectors achieve 6,000 lumen brightness.

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Featuring 10-bit video processing, Model PT-D5700U and widescreen Model PT-DW5100U include 3D Color Management feature that helps optimize color saturation, hue, and brightness levels for approximately 1,070,000,000 colors. Wireless remote controls offer max operating distance of 30 m, while ac lamps last up to 2,000 hr in high mode and 3,000 hr in low mode. Liquid cooling system directly cools DLP chips and allows both models to be used in temperatures up to 113°F.

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Panasonic Debuts New Fixed-Installation DLP Projectors

New PT-D5700U and PT-DW5100U Deliver Advanced Technologies for Excellent Brightness, Outstanding Picture Quality, High Reliability, and Flexible System Integration

INFOCOMM, ANAHEIM, Calif., (Booth #4019), June 21 /- Panasonic Projector Systems Company, Unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, today introduced two new, single-chip DLP projectors that are optimal for cost-effective, fixed installation. Designed for business conference rooms, commercial theaters, government control rooms, game arcades, casinos, education classrooms, and other fixed installations, the new PT-D5700U projector and its widescreen sibling, the PT-DW5100U, provide long-lasting brightness, outstanding picture quality, high reliability, and flexible installation for system integrators.(1)

Higher Brightness. Better Picture Quality.
Several product features combine to help achieve higher brightness (6,000 lumens)(2) and better picture quality. Panasonic's Daylight View 3 functionality improves visual perception in various ambient light environments by permitting the user to select the preset that best optimizes color, brightness and contrast according to the level of ambient light. The Vivid Color Control feature increases color intensity by minimizing the color wheel's unused sections, called "spokes," between the primary colors red, green and blue (RGB). Conventional technology does not use the spokes as efficiently as Panasonic's proprietary color wheel. The projectors' dual-lamp system features improved reflector efficiency and a new, Panasonic-made AC lamp for better overall picture quality.

"Our new projectors build upon our proven legacy of delivering cost-effective, advanced image display technologies for multiple markets in both large and small venues," said Thomas Zitelli, president of Panasonic Projector Systems Company. "System integrators demand high reliability, flexible installation, low maintenance, and outstanding picture quality. In addition to the D5000 series, the new D10000 and F100 series are significant steps forward in technical innovation and design to meet customer demand."

The PT-D5700U and PT-DW5100U sport additional features to produce better picture quality. Both models include 10-bit video processing for smoother tonal expression. For greater color depth and vividness, a 3D Color Management feature helps optimize color saturation, hue and brightness levels for approximately 1,070,000,000 colors. Each projector comes equipped with new circuitry for better processing high-definition (HD) images, reducing video noise, and improving image sharpness. The progressive cinema scan helps project an accurate image reproduction by automatically detecting a film-based input signal and selecting the optimal progressive processing method.

The new projectors include several key performance and reliability features. A new feature is the Panasonic-manufactured AC powered lamps that are more power-efficient and longer-lasting than conventional DC-powered lamps. Unlike a DC lamp system, the models' new AC lamp drive circuitry decreases stress on the electrodes and allows them to wear out evenly, thereby preserving brightness for longer periods of time. Lamps can last up to 2,000 hours (high mode) or 3,000 hours (low mode), depending on the installation environment. A new liquid-cooling system directly cools the DLP chips and allows both models to be used in temperatures up to 45 degrees C (113 degrees F), enabling their use in a wider variety of environments. The new cooling system design also eliminates the need for the fan to blow cooling air on the DLP, helping protect the DLP chip from dust. A micro-cut filter traps dust particles 10 microns or larger, further safeguarding against the optical block and capturing about seven times as much dust as previous models' filters.

Easy System Integration
The PT-D5700U and PT-DW5100U also offer several features that make system integration and installation easier and more flexible. The models' advanced edge-blending functionality allows adjacent edges in a 2x2 multi-screen system to be blended for a smooth, seamless image. Edge blending is especially useful for wide screen applications, including simultaneously displaying two different frames of 4:3 content from any two distinct sources to create more effective presentations. Slight variations in the color reproduction of individual projectors can also be corrected in multi-screen applications using the projector's 3D Color Management system.

The projectors' new wireless remote controls incorporate two light- emitting diodes (LEDs) for a maximum operating distance of 30 meters. The projectors can be controlled remotely using built-in browser software over a LAN connection, or by Web browser that also performs maintenance monitoring and e-mail alert messaging functions. The projectors are also compliant with the new PJLink(TM) control over Ethernet protocol. All the models also offer a host of Panasonic standard features, including direct power off, rear-access for easy lamp replacement, numerous connection terminals, and a one-touch bayonet system for easily changing lenses.

Installing the new projectors is easy thanks to their vertical and horizontal lens shift, 2x powered zoom, and 360-degree angle adjustment features, all of which make the models ideal replacement projectors. A handy mechanical shutter completely prevents light from leaking when no image is being projected. Dust filters and lamps can be quickly replaced from the side and back panels, respectively.

The PT-D5100U and PT-DW5700U projectors will be covered under warranty for failure due to defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year, or 2,000 hours of operation. Lamps have a limited warranty for 90 days or 500 hours, which ever comes first. Additional enhancements can be added with Panasonic Premium Services Packages.

The Panasonic PT-D5700U and PT-DW5100U projectors will be available in August at authorized presentation systems dealers. The MSRPs for the PT-D5700U and the PT-DW5100U are approximately $11,500 each. The MSRPs for the PT- D5700L and the PT-DW5100L are approximately $11,000 each.

New Panasonic F100 Series
Panasonic will also be showing its recently-announced PT-F100U, PT-F100NTU, and PT-FW100NTU fixed-installation projectors at InfoComm 2007. Particularly suitable for educational institutions, the "NTU" models have built-in wireless capability that allows them to connect to as many as 16 different computers simultaneously.(3)

The F100 series also helps maintain maximum brightness and reduce maintenance costs due to dust build-up with an Auto Rolling Filter (ARF), an electrostatic filter technology that removes filter sections that have accumulated excessive dust. (The filter sections can be rotated about every 240 hours, which provides about 6,000 hours of life to the ARF depending on the installation environment).(4) To maintain top performance and minimize any brightness loss due to dust accumulation, the models are outfitted with a re- engineered airflow path and a hermetic, dust-free optical system.

The projectors come equipped with closed caption capability to meet the needs of the hearing-impaired, facilitate ADA compliance, and for use in applications where it is desirable to deliver program content without audio.

The Panasonic PT-F100U (MSRP: $4,599) and PT-F100NTU (MSRP: $4,999) projectors are available now. The PT-FW100NTU is expected to ship in July, and its pricing will be announced in Q2 of this year. All three projectors will be available at authorized presentation systems dealers.

About Panasonic Projector Systems Company
Panasonic Projector Systems Company is a prominent supplier of projectors and presentation systems in the United States. It is a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE:MC) of Japan, and the hub of its U.S. marketing, sales, service and R&D operations. For more information on Panasonic Projector Systems products, visit the company's Web site at

(1) PT-5700L and PT-DW5100L models do not ship with lenses.
(2) PT-5700 brightness outputs 6,000 lumens.
(3) NT signifies both wireless and wired network capability; W signifies widescreen model; PT-F100U is not network-enabled.
(4) Applies to default setting #1 for U.S. and European models.

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