Fitz Chem and Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Announce Distribution in Central US for Shin-Etsu Personal Care Products

Fitz Chem and Shin-Etsu Silicones of America are excited to announce a distribution agreement for the Shin-Etsu silicone product line for personal care in the Central US. 

Fitz Chem was appointed a Shin-Etsu Silicones of America distributor for personal care due to excellent sales and customer support, combined with years of personal care application expertise.  Shin-Etsu produces high-quality silicones for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry that have a diverse range of applications including hair care, face care, makeup, creams, lotions, hair sprays, shaving creams and more – making them an excellent addition to Fitz Chem's market-leading portfolio of innovative cosmetic materials.

A pioneer in the field of silicones for personal care, Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (A US subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan) has developed a new generation of cosmetic silicone system products that offer formulators distinct characteristics to deliver stability, functionality, and sensory advantages for a wide variety of cosmetic products.  Additional benefits are gained from offerings for UV protection, high water resistance, excellent skin feel, wider formulation latitude, and enhanced SPF values.

About Fitz Chem Care Chemicals

Fitz Chem Corporation is a customer centered distributor of specialty chemicals in the Central United States, founded in 1985.  Fitz Chem's Care Chemicals team is comprised of industry experts who have experience formulating personal care products as well as selling specialty cosmetic ingredients.  Fitz Chem has the infrastructure and proficiency to meet customer supply chain needs as well as solutions for technical and formulation questions. 

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About Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Shin-Etsu Silicones of America

Shin-Etsu has been producing silicones for over 60 years and has a worldwide network in Japan, the U.S., Europe and Asia (4 locations).  Through complete production process management and computerized manufacturing and distribution control systems, Shin-Etsu assures a high quality product and reliable supply. The company understands silicone production and the importance of environmental responsibility, so activities focus on an efficient production from an environmental as well as financial perspective.  With market needs growing increasingly sophisticated and specific, Shin-Etsu will continue to deliver unique solutions through efforts in product development.

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