Fiso Introduces a New Generation of Evolution Platforms and Modules


QUEBEC, Quebec -May 15th, 2007 -FISO Technologies, a subsidiary of Roctest Ltd (TSX: RTT) and a leader inthe high-quality fiber optic sensors industry, introduces a new generation of optical-fiber signal conditioner modules, combined with a new EVOLUTION table-top platform with significantly enhanced performance and flexibility. The FPI-HR signal conditioner modules are designed in a unique configuration which makes them suitable for laboratory and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. Each optical module is integrated inside a housing shell providing system protection and ease of integration for any OEM equipment. In addition, each module includes a RS-232 and a RS-485 communication port as well as analog outputs (0 to 5V or 4 to 20mA) providing great flexibility for system control and data acquisition.

For laboratory and industrial applications, FISO has combined the FPI-HR module with the new Evolution platform. The Evolution chassis provides a snap-in DIN-Rail connection for the FPI RS-485 communication port. The table-top Evolution chassis is offered with a capacity of 2, 4 or 6 modules while a rack mount version for industrial applications is available with a capacity of 7 FPI-HR modules. System setup and data acquisition are performed via a remote PC using a USB connection and the new Evolution software. "We are providing the ideal platform to speed up the integration of FISO optical-fiber solution into OEM products. Our customers can start developing with the FPI-HR signal conditioners by using the Evolution platform and thereafter immediately implement the module into their own system" said Maxim Vachon-Savary, Application Engineer at FISO.

The new FPI-HR signal conditioner module includes significant technical improvements compared to previous generations. In addition to its smallness and easiness to integrate, it also provides better temperature and pressure accuracies at much higher sampling rates. Combined with FISO fiber optic sensors, the new FPI-HR module reaches an accuracy of +/- 0.25°C within a measuring range from 20°C up to 40°C and +/- 0.4°C within a measuring range from 0°C up to 120°C . This module is available in a configuration of one or two channel(s) per module at a sampling rate of up to 250 Hz. This allows better process control and faster reaction time. Even in the two-channel configuration, the FPI-HR provides simultaneous reading (not sequential) and thus provides true 250 Hz acquisition rates. In addition, the built-in temperature compensation system of the FPI-HR maintains the accuracy when the environment temperature varies. For improved accuracy, the FPI-HR signal conditioners are capable of reading FISO sensors equipped with smart chips for automatic loading of sensor identification and gage factor, thus simplifying the use of each sensor.

"In the past, the optical-fiber sensor industry has provided inflexible universal table-top signal conditioners capable of accepting a wide range of sensors at the expense of peak performance. We are now providing a platform easier to use with uncompromised performance where customers can get signal conditioners tailor-made to their requirements while still having the possibility to upgrade the system toward future needs",said Francois Pelletier, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at FISO.

The first products will be shown on May 22-24 at the Sensor + Test Expo in Germany and on June 12-13 at the Sensors Expo in Illinois, USA . For more info on products availability and pricing, please contact FISO Sales department by writing to

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