Firwin Corp. Adds Cleaner Air to Its Back to School List

With September around the corner, the kids will be returning to school and that means busses will be all over town. Busses do more than deliver kids back and forth to school, they also increase potentially harmful diesel admissions. Firwin has been an integral part of a solution that will produce cleaner emissions from diesel engines.

When Firwin was approached by Ward Clean Air Products to create an exhaust system insulation blanket for their vehicle mounted exhaust removal system, they knew exactly what was needed. In order for a catalyst to perform at its optimal level, the high exhaust temperature must be maintained to ensure maximum pollution burn off. Idling of buses can lower exhaust temperatures significantly, and thus cause the diesel particulate filter to malfunction. The custom designed and fitted insulation blankets by Firwin keep the exhaust temperature elevated in all kinds of climates and prevents heat from the exhaust affecting nearby components.

When the busses start rolling, take a peek at the exhaust. You just might see a Firwin insulation blanket along with a Ward Clean Air Filter helping to keep the air clean and safe for everyone.

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Firwin Corp has been in the insulation blanket business since 1982 and has grown over the years from a small family business to its position today as one of the leading North American manufacturers of removable insulation blankets and permanent composite Hard Coat(TM) insulation solutions. An in-house design team is available for advice on the correct insulation for each job. Firwin's goal is creating professional relationships with clients and aiding them in making the best insulation decisions to reduce risk and promote peace of mind.

Ward Clean Air Products offers a full range of diesel retrofit products for OEM, Aftermarket, and Retrofit markets, to reduce diesel emissions from on-road, off-road, and stationary diesel, gasoline, and alternative fuel engines, including propane and natural gas. Diesel retrofit solutions have been proven in the most severe conditions. Our products help ensure air quality, productivity, and employees' health and safety on the job.

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