First JAA Qualification for Mechtronix FFS X(TM) at Malév Hungarian Airlines

BERLIN, November 14-- Malév Will Now be Able to Perform its Pilot Training at Home

European Aviation Training Symposium (EATS) - Malév Hungarian Airlines obtained JAA qualification for the FFS X(TM) Non Zero Flight Time(TM) (NZFT(TM)) manufactured by Mechtronix Systems Inc., a fast growing provider of flight simulation technology. The evaluation of the device was conducted by the civil aviation authorities of The Netherlands on request by the aviation authorities of Hungary, Polgari Légiközlekedési Hatósag(PLH), granting Level B certification under JAR-STD 1A. In addition to all recurrent training the NZFT(TM) was qualified to perform all initial and transition type rating training tasks except the final take-off and landing checking.

The unit was originally acquired by Flight Simulation Company B.V. (FSC) of The Netherlands and has been located in Budapest, Hungary, for the Recurrent Training of Malév's pilots.

The FFS X(TM) is revolutionising the aviation industry by allowing airlines to train their pilots at their base of operations, increasing their crew and fleet yields. The machine is offered at half the cost of traditional simulators and uses a PC-based technology. Allowing an installation in standard buildings, this technology translates into reduced operation and maintenance costs, further increasing the savings for airlines.

"The authorities found that the FFS X(TM) NZFT(TM) clearly exceeded the requirements for a Level B certification, allowing our pilots to complete 100% of their recurrent training and most of their initial ratings without leaving the country." said Mr. Akos Andrasev, Director of Training at Malév.

"We are extremely pleased that FSC and its customer Malév Hungarian Airlines recognise the unique value of the FFS X(TM) NZFT(TM) by making it the core part of their flight training program," said Xavier Hervé, President of Mechtronix Systems. "The NZFT(TM) is now certified by both the JAA and FAA, and it is an established business reality in aviation training worldwide. This confirms that our products enable airlines to adopt new models and save millions in crew coverage and related yields."

About Malév Hungarian Airlines

Malév Hungarian Airlines, the national air carrier of the Republic of Hungary, has been operating for more than half a century. It is ranked as one of the leading airlines of the Central-Eastern European region, with scheduled passenger, cargo, and charter services.

Malév carries 3 million passengers annually on its scheduled and charter flights. Its aircraft are connecting 57 cities of 35 countries.

Today Malév has one of the youngest Boeing fleet in Europe. The company owns 29 aircraft, the backbone of the fleet being the 18 new Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft. The other types are 2 Boeing B767-200ER, 5 Fokker F-70 and 4 CRJ-200.

About Flight Simulation Company B.V. (FSC)

Flight simulation Company B.V. is a full service aviation training organisation that specialises in flight crew training, simulator services and consultancy based in The Netherlands. On a global scale, FSC delivers technical simulator services like simulator updates, modifications, and relocation. Their consultancy services include JAR regulatory consultancy as well as simulator purchase and brokerage services.

About Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI)

Born out of the micro-processor revolution in the early 80's, MSI is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, one of North America's aerospace clusters. Over the last 20 years, MSI has acquired the resources and capabilities allowing the design of intelligent machines, such as flight simulators. Relying on its unique and economically advantageous fabrication process, MSI is one of the world's fastest growing providers of flight training equipment. Its worldwide customers include major airline companies such as Alitalia, Copa Airlines, CAFUC (China), Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, and Northwest Airlines. MSI's newest addition to the Ascent® series is the FFS X(TM) full flight simulator, including the Non Zero Flight
Time(TM) (NZFT(TM)) and the Zero Flight Time(TM) (ZFT(TM)) configurations.
The Ascent® offer also including Simulated Aircraft Hardware, FTDs, Full Flight Trainers(TM) is an integral part of the Aerosim-Mechtronix Integrated Training Architecture(TM).

Source: Mechtronix Systems Inc.

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