First Exegy Ticker Plant Deployed

First Exegy Ticker Plant Deployed

NEW YORK, Oct. 17 -- Exegy Inc. announces the first deployment of its hardware-accelerated Exegy Ticker Plant at a New York financial institution. The revolutionary new ticker plant offers the unique ability to process a million exchange messages in less than 150 microseconds of latency for each message in a single 3U appliance.

"It's more than capable of keeping up with the rapidly expanding volume from exchanges like the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA), which recently warned members about impending dramatic increases in data reporting," says Scott Parsons, Exegy's Chief Scientist. The ticker plant can process data at such extreme speeds because of its unique, integrated FPGA technology and hybrid hardware/software appliance.

The ticker plant, which is installed at an undisclosed hedge fund, connects to ultra low latency direct feeds. According to Parsons, one Exegy box can process all North American feeds and take the place of five to ten conventional servers in a typical deployment. With fewer servers required, infrastructure, monitoring, hardware/software and power costs are dramatically reduced.

Because the ticker plant is self-contained, it hosts a single high performance last value cache, according to Parsons. This single cache improves the performance of value added data calculations and decreases complexity and costs.

"It's ideal for black box traders -- the fastest, most functionally rich ticker plant available," Parsons said. Prior to joining Exegy, Parsons served as Senior Vice President, Global Head of Platform Development for Reuters.

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Exegy offers technological innovation through a revolutionary new compute platform that processes data through reconfigurable hardware. Exegy appliances search, transform, filter and analyze massive data stores and high-volume real-time data feeds at speeds not seen before. Exegy delivers solutions that allow customers to do more, faster.

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