Firestone Building Products Launches Enverge(TM) Cavity Wall Products for Maximum Building Envelope Design and Performance

Continuous Insulation, Air & Vapor Barrier and Thru-Wall Flashing Improve Thermal Performance and Prevent Thermal Bridging

INDIANAPOLIS, -- Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive "Roots to Rooftops" portfolio of products, introduced today the new line of Enverge(TM) Cavity Wall Products. The portfolio includes: continuous insulation (CI) exterior wall insulation (available in two facer options: coated fiberglass mat facer and aluminum foil facer), air & vapor barrier and thru-wall flashing. These individual products work together to improve thermal performance and prevent thermal bridging in commercial buildings.

"At Firestone Building Products we are focused on innovating products that lend to superior building performance. The launch of the Enverge line highlights the importance of the compatibility of products used in building envelope design in order to reach peak energy efficiency," said Chris Tobias, cavity wall business development manager at Firestone Building Products.  "This line, combined with our compatibility warranty, guarantees the integrity of the assembly of materials will not be compromised while in contact with one another.

"The Enverge portfolio benefits everyone from the architect to the contractor to the owner. From flexible building envelope design to installation ease, dimensional stability to significant energy savings, this system works harder to help a building achieve peak performance," concluded Tobias.

Features of the Enverge Cavity Wall Family of Products include:

Enverge(TM) CI Glass Exterior Wall Insulation and Enverge(TM) CI Foil Exterior Wall Insulation

--  Highest R-value per inch compared to other wall insulation products

--  Meets ASTM E84 as required for use in Types I-IV construction providing <=25 flame developed and <=450 smoke developed; IBC 2063.5.4 compliant

--  Enables energy code compliance for every climate zone

--  Inorganic facers and closed-cell technology

--  Provides lower global warming potential (GWP) than other polystyrenes (XPS, EPS) and mineral wool due to the high embodied energy of manufacturing and low R-value

--  HCFC-free proprietary foam technology that does not contribute to ozone depletion

--  Formaldehyde-free

 --  Thin design allows for increased gross lease space

Enverge(TM) Air & Vapor Barrier SA Membrane

--  Consistent membrane thickness

--  90-day construction stage exposure

--  Self-sealing around mechanical fasteners, to minimize open gaps (foil flashing tape can also be used)

--  Energy savings

--  Easy to achieve continuity of application

--  Minimizes drafts and reduces moisture to guard against mold

--  Meets or exceeds ASTM D5602, D1876, D903, E283, E96 and E330

--  Broad temperature application window down to 14 degrees °F

Enverge(TM) FlashGard(TM) Thru-Wall Flashing

--  Offers UV resistance and can remain exposed

--  Flexible in various temperatures allowing for year-round installation and adaptability to irregular shapes and contours

--  Offers puncture and tear resistance

--  Delivers outstanding expansion and contraction characteristics

--  Provides long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion, and maintains flexibility

--  Significant labor and material cost savings compared to metal flashings without compromising longevity

--  Offered in standard membrane as well as labor saving, self-adhered technology

Enverge Cavity Wall Products are covered by the Enverge(TM) Building Envelope Assembly Compatibility Warranty.

"The Enverge line was developed specifically in response to advancements in building requirements. According to ASHRAE 90.1-2007, continuous insulation is required in order to stop thermal bridging and help improve thermal performance of the wall assembly," said Cliff Black, building envelope product manager at Firestone Building Products. "We are committed to developing products and systems that contribute to high performance buildings and sustainable building practices. CI is currently the best option for insulating the building envelope in order to maximize performance and achieve long term energy savings."

For more information on the Enverge Cavity Wall Products come to booth 3701 at Greenbuild or visit:

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Firestone Building Products Company, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive "Roots to Rooftops" portfolio of products for commercial building performance solutions. By taking the entire building envelope into consideration, Firestone Building Products meets individual customer and project needs for roofing, wall, landscape and lining solutions. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., the company also offers outstanding technical services, an international network of roofing contractors, distributors and field sales representatives, and superior warranty protection. Products include: commercial roofing systems, roofing accessories, green roofing systems, photovoltaic and daylighting systems, vegetative roofing systems, metal wall panels, insulation, cavity wall construction, pond liners and geomembranes.

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