FireScope Maximizes Value of Enterprise Applications, Point Solutions Via Unified BSM Dashboard

Flagship Product Allows an Enterprise's Disparate Network Applications To Be Easily Managed, Centrally and in Real-Time; Greater Utility, Effectiveness Result

LAS VEGAS, May 23 /- FireScope, a leading developer of IT operations software, announced today from Interop Conference and Expo that its namesake Business Service Management (BSM) portal solution is being used by enterprises to dramatically increase the utility of their menu of point solutions and mission-critical enterprise applications. By aggregating the events and interfaces of all network applications into FireScope, a Web-based BSM portal, organizations can easily monitor, analyze and report on their entire collection of solutions, all through a single user interface.

"Of all the point solutions companies use, over half lose their effectiveness and become shelfware within the first 90 days. The most common reason is that IT staffers are stretched too thin, which prevents them from catching problems in real time," said Mark Lynd, president of FireScope. "As one of the most flexible and comprehensive tools for BSM, FireScope can powerfully connect point solutions as well as enterprise applications for strategic management purposes, thereby increasing IT operations efficiency."

FireScope, sold and installed either as a network appliance or as group of distributed appliances, creates a Web-based portal that delivers the industry's first business intelligence platform targeted to IT Operations. The solution, which updates in real time using AJAX, empowers IT leaders to easily identify opportunities for increased IT efficiency, more accurately plan long term growth, and react faster to changing conditions within their infrastructure.

FireScope offers the simplest installation and configuration of any BSM product, making deployment extremely fast. It also provides collaboration tools, accessible from within its dashboard interface, that dramatically increase the efficiency of large, geographically dispersed IT organizations. The tools reduce the time it takes to train new employees by capturing and retaining intuitive knowledge employees gain on the job.

Broad Compatibility

Using either agent or agentless data collection technologies, FireScope can actively monitor virtually any networked device, application or operating system. Among the many supported network assets covered by FireScope are the following:

o Operating Systems-AIX, FreeBSD/OpenBSD, HP-UX, Linux (all leading
flavors), Sun Solaris, Windows NT/200x/XP;

o Network Equipment/Applications - Firewalls, routers, switches,
Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Wireless Intrusion Prevention
Systems (WIPS), traffic filtering appliances, VPN solutions, identity
management solutions;

o Applications - Database servers, Web servers, Client Relationship
Management (CRM) solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems,
Point of Sale (POS) applications, Anti-Virus solutions, E-commerce Web
sites, Intranets.

FireScope collects data using direct connection to databases or applications servers; it also can use SNMP, Syslog, real-time log analysis, generic (e.g., Unix Pipe) or proprietary (e.g. OPSEC) methods. Once connected, the application normalizes data into a single format, enabling comparisons to be drawn from disparate point solutions or devices. The data is then run through FireScope's correlation engine to identify critical, user-definable issues such as firewall breaches, multiple firewall probes, or abnormal traffic accompanied by POS events. Users can also specify that multiple events take place before alerts are triggered.

Beyond the security realm, FireScope can track performance metrics from a CRM application, for example, by pulling in operational data from the database backend of the CRM platform. Such information can help spot performance bottlenecks, identify expansion targets among an organization's network elements that will most improve service, and specify which elements are good candidates for virtualization.

"ERP systems, financial applications, and POS systems are all suited for BSM using FireScope," Lynd continued. "The application's interface can be aggregated into FireScope as a JSR-168 portlet, through Single Sign-On, or by providing an SSH or VNC interface directly into the server. This allows people to not only see what's going on, but also to immediately react to situations without having to switch to a different application."

FireScope is demonstrating the application aggregation capability of its flagship product at Interop Las Vegas from its exhibit at Booth 503 in the expo's Security Zone. A white paper is also available; for a copy of the paper or for more information, visit the FireScope display or log on to

About FireScope:

FireScope, Inc. offers a pioneering Business Service Management (BSM) solution that is revolutionizing how businesses conduct IT operations. The single-solution product, built from industry-proven open-source programs and integrated into an easy to use, Web-based dashboard, provides actionable business intelligence on the health and security of all critical IT assets. FireScope, able to aggregate information from twenty to thousands of networked assets, also includes collaboration tools and an extremely flexible real-time analytics engine. FireScope, Inc. is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced BSM solutions, visit

Source: FireScope, Inc.

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