FireScope Brings Mashup Capability to IT Operations Management

Portal Offers Real-Time Business Intelligence on All Enterprise IT Assets Regardless of Location; IT Staffs Can Easily Mix and Blend Information and Tools from Any Source

ADDISON, Texas, April 24 -- FireScope, a leading developer of IT operations software, today announced that its flagship Web portal product delivers the benefits of "mashups" -- Web sites or applications that aggregate content from one or more sources -- to the specialized arena of Business Service Management (BSM). The FireScope portal offers a real-time, flexible and centralized look at all of an organization's IT assets including applications, infrastructure and communications channels, enabling technical staff to instantly assess and diagnose any aspect of the health of IT services.

"Mashups have gained significant visibility in recent weeks, led by IBM's announcement that it is shipping a portlet for Google Gadgets in WebSphere Portal 6.0," said Mark Lynd, president of FireScope. "Enterprises interested in creating mashups for IT operations management will find that FireScope is the only product in this uniquely demanding segment -- and the only one that can quickly deliver results."

FireScope, sold and installed as either a network appliance or as a group of distributed appliances, is a unified, single-source BSM dashboard that is powerful enough to instantly report on, and analyze, networked systems dispersed across the globe. As a mashup solution, FireScope allows IT workers to access the tools and information they need most. Workers can pull together network tools; third-party applications such as firewall administration programs or helpdesk systems; collaboration tools including wikis, forums and shared calendars; or any other JSR-168 compliant portlet.

In the short time since its debut earlier this year, FireScope has already had a major impact on the performance of enterprises with mission-critical IT assets. "FireScope is an immediate, collaborative solution to the problem of managing our company's complete IT infrastructure," said Joseph Holop, chief technology officer for TelScape Communications Inc., a California-based telecom company serving the Hispanic market. "Quality of service is essential for us. FireScope's real-time, aggregated dashboard gives us the ability to spot, analyze and respond to changes in our network at a moment's notice."

Unmatched Flexibility

FireScope is designed from the ground up to meet the changing needs of IT organizations. Its hot-deployable capability allows IT managers to seamlessly add new features or additional applications on a regular basis, without interrupting concurrent users or requiring a reboot.

FireScope's innovative architecture allows users to quickly shift priorities as business needs dictate. Its flexibility also allows it to deliver benefits not even anticipated at the time of deployment, giving it an ROI far beyond its original design.

FireScope's unique attributes include:

o A portal architecture that lets each user customize his or her user
experience. Users can narrow their view to meet their operation focus,
for example, or drop reports, graphs, tabular data and tools onto each
o Web-based network tools such as ping, SSH (Secure SHell), and Web-based
VNC (Virtual Network Computing) out of the box;
o Seamless integration of virtually any third-party application into the
FireScope interface. Application information can also be fed directly
into the FireScope database, giving users uniquely useful new tools.
For instance, a network administrator can view performance graphs for
his switches and routers on the same page as Cisco's management tool,
allowing the effects of changes to be tracked as they are made;
o Data can be pulled from any networked source, allowing users to mix and
blend data as they please for an operational or business service view,
instead of a siloed view;
o Any JSR-168 compatible portlet can be added to FireScope (additions are
immediately placed in the menu of options available for each user);
o The ability to blend any Web-based application with FireScope's rich
data to turn atypical applications into valuable IT tools, i.e., at-a-
glance viewing of facility health using Google maps;
o Any standard helpdesk application or CMDB (Configuration Management
DataBase) can be aggregated into the FireScope interface or added to
its data stores, enhancing the value of each of these applications and
increasing the value of the information presented;
o Single Sign-On is also included, making daily use easier by eliminating
the repeated entry of user credentials.

"FireScope easily adapts as an organization's focus changes," noted Lynd. "This quarter the emphasis may be on eCommerce; the next quarter it may be on financial compliance. Not only can a user's real-time access be quickly adjusted to fit these shifting priorities, but thanks to FireScope's granular security controls, the user can be limited to the tools and information he or she needs to do their particular job."

With solutions starting at $10,000, FireScope is a cost-effective way for any organization to realize significant return on investment. For more information on FireScope's Business Service Management solution, visit .

About FireScope:

FireScope, Inc. offers a pioneering Business Service Management (BSM) solution that is revolutionizing how businesses conduct IT operations. The single-solution product, built from industry-proven open-source programs and integrated into an easy to use, Web-based dashboard, provides actionable business intelligence on the health and security of all critical IT assets. FireScope, able to aggregate information from twenty to thousands of networked assets, also includes collaboration tools and an extremely flexible real-time analytics engine. FireScope, Inc. is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced BSM solutions, visit

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