Fire-Rated Expansion Joint Patents Awarded Spotlight Innovation

Three 2014 patents prove EMSEAL's innovation commitment. With two new patents issued in August and another in June this year, EMSEAL continues to demonstrate its commitment to reinvestment in RD and innovation in the field of expansion joint sealing and fire-proofing. The EMSHIELD line of all-in-one expansion joint systems provides designers with a new freedom from cumbersome and less-effective underslab and multi-product solutions for floor and wall fire-proofing, sealing, insulating and sound blocking.

With these recent awards EMSEAL adds to its considerable list of active patents, and has many more pending, in its field. The company's body of patents now in the public domain is nearly as long and further demonstrates its decades-long commitment to raising the bar on effectiveness and simplicity-of-installation of these building components so critical to life-safety as well as to the high performance expectations of the modern built environment.

"We have never been content just to copy what's already out there," comments Dan O'Hayer, EMSEAL's President. "Innovate, Don't Imitate" has long been our RD mantra."

This business philosophy requires a commitment of resources, financial and human, to the process of discovery, iteration, and problem solving. EMSEAL couples this innovation philosophy to a deliberate practice of controlling the technology and engaging other design and construction stakeholders to change their habits.

"Moving the consideration and conceptualization of expansion joints in three dimensions to the beginning of the design and construction process is a powerful way to eliminate many of the problems that typically plague projects around expansion joint sealing and performance," remarks CEO, Lester Hensley. "We do this through the provision of training seminars in-house and throughout the world in the firms of architects, engineers, general and sub contractors."

Specifically, on August 26th, 2014, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published patents 8,813,450 and 8,813,449; while patent 8,739,495 published on June 3, 2014. Last year, in 2013, the USPTO published EMSEAL patents 8,365,495, and 8,341,908, and 8,317,444. Numerous other patent applications are pending.

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