Fire Pump suits de-scaling and de-coking applications.

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Designed for industrial cleaning of furnace tubing and coiling used in refineries, CMU Pump operates up to 2,250 gpm, propelling oblong metallic cleaning device with high-pressure waterpower through coil furnace tubing at rates of 3,500-4,500 rpm. Driven by direct application engine, CMU pigging application is completely self-contained and mounted on semi-trailer. It includes hose and tank collection unit to house contaminated water during cleaning process.

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Waterous CMU Fire Pump Makes Industrial Pigs Fly

High-Power Pump Revamped for De-Scaling, De-Coking Applications

South St. Paul, Minn., February 16, 2009 - Industrial pigs are flying all over the world. And they're propelled by a Waterous fire pump. The U.S. manufacturer announced today the availability of their CMU fire pumps for industrial pigging, de-coking and de-scaling applications. Revamped for industrial cleaning of furnace tubing and coiling used in refineries around the world, the Waterous CMU pump outperforms other de-coking and de-scaling methods at a more efficient, cleaner and cost-effective rate.

"We're the only manufacturer in the world with pumps available for use in industrial pigging applications," said Bob Peterson, CMU specialist at Waterous. "In order to cut through the hardened material that clogs furnace coils and tubing in refineries with speed and thoroughness, we've specially engineered the CMU for increased power and performance."

With performance ratings up to 2250 GPM (8550 L/min), the CMU pump propels the oblong metallic cleaning device, or "pig," with high-pressure waterpower through the coil furnace tubing at rates of 3500 - 4500 rpm. The process encompasses initial hard cleaning, secondary cleaning, and final cleaning and polishing.

"On average, the entire process takes about 18 hours to complete," said Peterson. "The end result is a 100% clean and clear tube or coil line."

Unlike other methods used for industrial de-coking and de-scaling such as burning, which is often time consuming, or sandblasting, which can be harmful to the tubing, using the CMU pump to propel the pig cleans the furnace components at a remarkable pace without damaging the coils or tubing.

Driven by a direct application engine, the CMU pigging application is a completely self-contained unit, mounted on a semi-trailer. The unit also contains a hose and tank collection unit designed to house the contaminated water that accumulates during the cleaning process.

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