Fire Prevention System increases welding fume extraction safety.

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Tailored to individual facilities' specific welding applications and requirements, Guardian(TM) comprises several components that may be combined to prevent, detect, and suppress fire in welding fume extraction filter systems. Detection and suppression are initiated in event of fire to minimize hazard, limit system damages, and avoid risk of escalation/accumulation of smoke in manufacturing environments. Together, components reduce risk of fires in metalworking and fabrication industry.

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Control Fire Risk with a New Solution for Welding Fume Extraction Systems

Lincoln Electric introduces the Guardian(TM) fire prevention, detection and suppression safety solution for weld fume control

Cleveland - Lincoln Electric now offers a new solution for controlling fire risks in welding fume extraction filter systems. The Guardian(TM) products are engineered to reduce the risk of fires in the metalworking and fabrication industry.

Early detection and suppression are initiated in the event of a fire to minimize the fire hazard, to limit the system damages and to avoid the risk of escalation and accumulation of smoke in manufacturing environments.

The Guardian(TM) program contains several components that may be combined to create a system solution. Each product has its own unique features and benefits. Because every factory is different, a Lincoln Electric team can review and determine how to control the fire risk in a particular workplace. Lincoln Electric will design a system solution tailored to each facility's specific welding applications and requirements.

The Guardian(TM) products are divided into three categories: products to prevent, to detect, and to suppress fire. For preventive maintenance reasons, Guardian(TM) products feature easy installation, inspection, dismantling and replacement.

The Spark Guardian(TM) is a spark arrestor that prevents sparks, spatter and cigarette butts from entering the ductwork and reaching the combustible filter cartridge and debris in the dustbin or collection location. The Oil Guardian(TM) is a limestone feeding unit that decreases the combustibility of oil that may be found in the manufacturing environment from punching or rust preventive oils. The limestone minimizes the risk of fires in the filter cartridges and spontaneous fires in the dustbin.

Guardian Control(TM) and the fire detectors are developed to detect a fire in the early phase. Early detection by a suppression system reduces the damage to your filter system and the risk of fire to a minimum.

Lincoln Electric suppression methods are designed to quickly and reliably suppress and extinguish fire when it starts. The sliding valves isolate a fire, and the Flame Guardian(TM) aerosol fire extinguishing canister is activated only seconds after the sliding valves are closed, releasing an ultra-fine aerosol that suppresses the fire.

Guardian(TM) Fire Safety solutions delivered by Lincoln Electric reduce the risk of fire to a minimum and in the event of a fire, reduce damages that may result. The occurrence and subsequent damage of almost all fires will be limited to minimal damage, as well as the replacement of filter cartridges and aerosol fire extinguishing canisters. Guardian(TM) Fire Safety solutions have been tested and certified by multiple institutions.

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