Fire Door Retrofit System Receives UL Approval

New M100 operators from Cornell improve the safety and convenience of existing coiling fire doors while maintaining their UL & FM fire rating

Mountaintop, Pennsylvania

Cornell's advanced M100 fire door operators are now UL approved to be retrofit on to most existing coiling fire doors. Today, facility managers have an easy fix for their obsolete fire doors whose poorly governed, old style closing systems may actually create hazardous conditions where safety is needed most. By retrofitting M100 Motor, Hand Chain or Hand Crank operators on those existing fire doors, improved life safety and functional benefits can be achieved while still maintaining UL compliance.

M100 fire door operators are easily reset after automatic closing and guarantee a safe, automatic door closing rate. These systems allow facility personnel to easily perform routine tests and then reset their fire doors from floor level - without having to restore spring tension. Reliable M100 operators maintain the safety of buildings and occupants by ensuring that fire doors are ready to respond when the need arises.

In contrast, conventional, old style fire door closing systems may cause more harm than good. Their poorly governed closing speeds, costly resetting requirements and maintenance issues can lead to the injury of building occupants, costly facility downtime and the expense of lost productivity. Plus, if not properly reset, their inability to perform in an actual emergency can threaten the life safety of building occupants and allow for catastrophic building losses.

"I've seen conventional fire doors in the field that have been propped open because the maintenance staff is tired of calling in a door system technician to mechanically reset the door after every power outage or alarm test," says Cornell distributor Al Buchholtz. "This creates a terrible life safety risk as well as a huge liability for the building owner. When I tell them there's an alternative that allows their staff to reset the door from floor level, they're thrilled."

"Cornell is proud to protect the safety of building occupants by offering advanced, safe and secure fire products," said Steven Gallacher, Vice President of Marketing at Cornell. "By providing an operator that can be retrofit on existing fire doors, Cornell makes it simple for facility managers to eliminate the nuisances of old style fire doors while protecting productivity, property and personnel."

Providing the ability to improve the functionality of existing rolling fire door products once again demonstrates Cornell Iron Work's 178-year commitment to meeting the real needs of their customers. Whether seeking quality, performance, reliability or overall satisfaction, customers have always known that they're Safe and Secure with Cornell.

For more information on M100 retrofit operators, rolling fire door products or Cornell, visit, email or call 800.233.8366.

Contact: Rita Kogoy, Cornell Iron Works, 570.474.6773 ext. 524

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