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Fire Ant Poison kills ants in minutes.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 09, 2006 - Designed to quickly paralyze fire ants, FIRE ANT GRANULARS consist of odorless powder that provides long-lasting residual protection. Ants pick up active ingredient on their bodies, carry it back to mound, and distribute it to other colony members. Treatment will kill queen while preventing relocation and reinfestation. Product is safe to use around homes, parks, camps, schools, and sports fields.

Original Press Release

Rite-Kem, Inc. Announces Revolutionary Fire Ant Poison

Press release date: Aug 08, 2006

Tupelo, MS - Rite-Kem, Inc., Chemical Manufacturing Division (, has improved its " FIRE ANT GRANULARS " as a revolutionary new fire ant control.

Fire ants are a serious pest in urban environments, because they interfere with gardening and outdoor activities, and occasionally invade human habitations danger. Once their mound is threatened, they attack and sting anything that crosses their path. To help control fire ants you should formulate a game plan using FIRE ANT GRANULARS to prevent new mound formation and get rid of existing mounds all year long.

FIRE ANT GRANULARS is uniquely formulated to: Kills in minutes while other products take days or even weeks Contact killer that quickly paralyzes fire ants Immediate access to treated areas - safer around people and pets An odorless powder - won't make your yard smell like a chemical dump Provide effective long lasting residual protection on the Imported Fire Ant. This product does not require watering; is easy to apply; requires small applications for cost effectiveness and is essentially odorless!

Fire ants pick up the active ingredient - undetected - on their bodies, carry it back to the mound, and distribute it to other colony members.

A treatment of FIRE ANT GRANULARS will kill the queen, prevent relocation and reinfestation.

This product is safe to be used around: Homes, Parks, Golf Courses, Day Cares, Camps, Kennels, Schools, Churches, Nursing Homes, Sports Fields, ... ect.

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