Finishing Process tests 12,000 power devices per hour.

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Model M232 test/handling system for power devices completes device finishing processes for D-Paks and TOs. It has 32-position turret that accommodates up to 8 test stations for parallel testing. Each device undergoes electrical test, is laser-marked and inspected for mold and mark quality, and finally has 3D-lead inspection. Rejects are loaded into tubes. Part loading is via tube loader or direct link with trim and form system.

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Ismeca's M232 For Power Devices Continues Proven Reliability And Flexibility Of M32 Power Series

Achieving throughputs of up to 12,000 pph, Ismeca's newest test/handling system-the M232 for Power Devices-is designed for efficient completion of device finishing processes for D-Paks and TOs.

The M232's integrated finishing processes include flexible loading via a tube loader or a direct link with a trim and form system. This innovative machine has a 32-position turret that accommodates up to eight test stations, featuring parallel testing. Each device that runs through the M232 undergoes an electrical test process, then laser marked and inspected for mold and mark quality, and finally 3D-lead inspection is conducted. Rejects are loaded into tubes.

The high throughput of the M232, combined with the integrated processes, assures customers of a highly economical production system. Its flexible design allows parts that have been tested and that are known good to be output to two taping modules or up to four tube output systems to maximize machine performance. Reject parts are automatically downloaded into selected tubes or bins depending on their failure mode. The M232 completes the finishing process with three multitube outputs and final taping.

Based on line-balancing needs, one trim and form system can feed several M232 machines to ensure maximum use of critical production equipment resources. An octagonal shape with a compact footprint enables the M232 to conserve factory floor space while affording easy access to all machine subassemblies.

The M232 machine is also manufactured with an ICOS vision system as standard but can be easily integrated with other vision systems as well. Ismeca has worked with many of the major laser and test companies, providing customers with option to choose their desired brand.

Ismeca, a subsidiary of Schweiter Technologies, is a world leader in semiconductor handling equipment and in the design and manufacture of custom automated assembly systems for general and medical device applications.

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