Finger Printer

Humans fingerprints are detailed, unique and very difficult to alter, even though a Identical twins has the same feature, they have experience different things and stress level may have been different which leads to the alteration of their identity, reason why Identical twins does not have the same finger print.  To make a long-term fingerprint scanner to catch humans finger print has been a challenge. The fingerprint sensor is an electronic device used to capture the essence of a digital image of the patterns on your finger.   In computer science image process is very unique and complex which we may call live scanning.

Finger sensors is divided in 6 different areas optical, capacity, thermal, pressure, ultrasonic, and RF.

We are more interesting in Optical fingerprint sensors, the idea of involves capturing a digital image of the print using visible light.  This type of sensor is, in essence, a specialized digital camera. Optical fingerprint sensors provide good image quality and large sensing area. Our product is very durable base on ESD resistant at +-30KV Air and +-15 Contact.  Our fingerprint is convenient by having 360 degrees supporting finger rotation. Very effective in recognizing fingers, furthermore, our security level is Anti-fake Finger Spoofing.  As you may know 2015 and 2016 is the year for biometric identification and this will  change the way we use credit cards and other system that use biometric interaction.  

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