Finesse and Nova Biomedical Partner to Deliver Automated On-Line Glucose Monitoring and Control

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 2 - Finesse Solutions, LLC, Santa Clara CA, a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life science process applications announced today that by working closely with Nova Biomedical they have successfully automated on-line glucose monitoring and control. This accomplishment joins their earlier accomplishment of automating pH and DO standardization with Nova Biomedical.

The need to automate the practice of on-line glucose monitoring and control can be attributed to the critical role glucose plays in bioprocess applications. Historically, the industry has sought an in-situ (In-Line) glucose sensor much like those used for pH and Dissolved Oxygen. However, while many have tried, such a sensor has yet to be successfully introduced for the bioprocess. A process which requires the ability of the sensor to survive not only 131 degrees C Sterilization for periods of 30 minutes or more but often chemical based Clean-In-place (CIP) as well.

While in-situ sensors for glucose measurement have yet to be successfully introduced, there have existed for some time glucose sensors that are not in-situ. These sensors, most often included as one of many measurements found in a modern chemical analyzer, cannot survive the harsh sterility and cleaning procedures associated with bioprocess but do successfully measure glucose. As such, the solution to date has been to locate these glucose enabled chemical analyzers in close proximity to the bioprocess and utilize a manual method by which to extract samples from the bioreactors and deliver them to the analyzer. The resulting glucose measurement would then be manually entered into the bioreactor controller and a desired control action initiated. This practice has proven itself to be both costly and highly ineffective if trying to achieve true process control.

Today, utilizing the open connectivity of OPC technology, Finesse has successfully integrated their TruBio(TM) OS and DeltaV enabled TruLogic(TM) Controller with the On-Line Sampler equipped Bioprofile 400 from Nova Biomedical. The result is a solution which enables the automated 24/7 monitoring of glucose while also automating the associated feed control strategy to ensure optimal process control. Additionally, this innovative solution also enables the end user to utilize calculations such as Cell Mortality and Glucose Uptake Rate as well as process measurements such as Cell Viability and Cell Density in their feed control strategies at the controller level, not the much less reliable PC level.

"We at Finesse are enjoying our work with the life science industry's leading end users and best in class suppliers," says Larry West, Executive V.P. of Sales & Marketing at Finesse. "In the days ahead we will be announcing another accomplishment on the part of Finesse which solves a long time process measurement and control challenge to the life science industry," said West.

"Nova Biomedical is committed to the innovation and delivery of new biotechnology instruments that revolutionize our customers' ability to generate, understand and act on critical process data," says Bob Fox, National Sales and Corporate Accounts Manager at Nova. "Nova's biotech products are a cornerstone in our mission to bridge unmet medical needs by making the process of developing and manufacturing biologics more effective and economical for everyone."

About Finesse

California based Finesse is a global leader in process measurement and control technologies. Our family of products - TruBio(TM), TruLogic(TM), TruViu(TM), TruCell(TM), TrupH(TM), and TruDO(TM) - provide comprehensive solutions for measurement and control processes in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. For more information, please visit us at

About Nova Biomedical

Nova Biomedical is committed to continue its technology leadership with advanced products that provide better, faster diagnostic information. We continue to innovate biotechnology instruments that allow faster, more economical development of drugs and other therapeutic products.

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