FineLine Prototyping Expands Its Rapid Manufacturing Capabilities Beyond Stereolithography

Raleigh, N.C., company becomes first Preferred Service Provider on the East Coast to offer 3D Systems' complete Pro Parts capabilities with its newly purchased Sinterstation® Pro 230 SLS® System

Rock Hill, South Carolina, Nov. 15, 2007 - 3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC), a leading provider of 3-D Modeling, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing solutions, announced today that FineLine Prototyping, an authorized 3D Systems' Preferred Service Provider (PSP) with a comprehensive portfolio of 3D Systems' latest systems and solutions, has expanded its Rapid Manufacturing capabilities beyond its core Stereolithography expertise by purchasing a Sinterstation® Pro 230 SLS® System.

With this addition of in-house, state-of-the-art Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) capacity, FineLine Prototyping has the ability to deliver injection-molding quality, end-use parts with outstanding definition, surface finish and accuracy, built from the toughest available plastics. FineLine plans to use its newly acquired Sinterstation® Pro System to offer parts made from 3D Systems' durable DuraForm® EX Black Plastic, a newly introduced material that rivals the toughness of injection-molded polypropylene and ABS and delivers high performance, functional parts primarily for FineLine's growing military, aerospace and automotive customers.

"With the capabilities that the Sinterstation® Pro System offers us and our customers, we are ready to venture beyond our core Stereolithography services," said Rob Connelly, president of FineLine Prototyping. "What I have seen in the Sinterstation® Pro System is a significant step-up in quality from the sintering parts of the past, a step-up made possible by state-of-the-art digital scanning and thermal controls. These new machine capabilities, coupled with the new DuraForm® EX Black materials, give me confidence to go after new business opportunities such as applications for under-the-hood components and general high performance, functional parts. As a branded and differentiated provider of high quality precision parts, we look for opportunities to partner with leading suppliers like 3D Systems to enhance our own leadership position and overall customer experience."

FineLine Prototyping's current inventory of systems includes its new Sinterstation® Pro SLS® System, six Viper(TM) SLA® Systems, two InVision® HR 3-D Modelers and two Viper(TM) Pro SLA® Systems, including a Viper(TM) Pro System that adds additional vat capabilities and a larger build volume.

"I'm very pleased that FineLine Prototyping is expanding its reach into the Rapid Manufacturing arena with a Sinterstation® Pro SLS® System," said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and chief executive officer. "We are proud to call FineLine Prototyping a 3D Systems' Preferred Service Provider and excited that our latest expertly integrated Pro solutions are helping Rob and his team succeed in delivering to their customers high quality, differentiated Pro Parts manufactured with smooth surfaces, fine features, sharp edges and tight tolerances."

About 3D Systems
3D Systems is a leading provider of 3-D Modeling, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing solutions. Its systems and materials reduce the time and cost of designing products and facilitate direct and indirect manufacturing by creating actual parts directly from digital input. These solutions are used for design communication and prototyping as well as for production of functional end-use parts: Transform your products.

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About FineLine Prototyping
FineLine Prototyping is a service provider for the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing marketplace. It specializes in high-resolution Stereolithography and 3-D Printing for the medical device, consumer electronics, aerospace and tooling industries. FineLine also manages - an online 3-D printing service for model hobbyists and for jewelry and small-part metal-casting applications.

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