Financial Tracking Adds Automated Insider Trading Detection Called MarketACE(TM)

GREENWICH, Conn., Oct. 25 -- Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC, the First to Know(TM) Solutions company, announced today the addition of MarketACE(TM) as an optional feature to its Employee TradeSphere(TM) compliance module or separate service to new clients. Employee TradeSphere(TM) , or ETS, is used for automated employee pre-trade clearance, ongoing trade surveillance or online certifications and attestations, or any combination, and is offered as progressive solutions as ETS Professional(TM) , ETS Premiere(TM) , ETS Global Premiere(TM) and ETS Enterprise(TM) . MarketACE(TM) is an automated check or match, or combination, of market data vs. trades and holdings in employee accounts to aid in the detection of insider trading or mis-use of non-public information, or both. MarketACE(TM) includes monitoring ownership of in and out of the money options, short selling, short interest and short ratios, corporate actions, global M&A activities, publics to privates, surprise earnings, earnings estimates, company news, corporate insider trade matching, and both issuer and issue capital markets performance. As with other Financial Tracking compliance modules, it includes exception to guideline tracking and case management and a security master file. MarketACE(TM) may be purchased a la carte and, in many cases, compliments other employee trade surveillance solutions.

Based in Greenwich, CT, Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC provides compliance software as a service to financial companies globally for automated compliance, exception monitoring and reporting, all with audit trails. Companies using its technologies, which include investment advisors, mutual funds, hedge funds, broker/dealers, private equity, VC firms and trust banks, no longer endure the arduous and daunting tasks of data gathering and analysis and are the "First to Know(TM) " about compliance violations. Compliance modules, offered ala carte, include:

o Employee TradeSphere(TM)
o Dispersions checking and alerting for holdings, performance and
o Favoritism detection and alerting,
o Anti-money laundering,
o Portfolio compliance checking,
o Best execution for fixed income and equity,
o Portfolio pumping,
o Client safeguarding alerts, and
o Mutual fund service provider oversight.

Source: Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC

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