Filtration System is suited for waterjet cutting industry.

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Reducing water consumption by 90-98%, Closed Loop Filtration System pumps water through series of filters and resins to filter down to .35 µ total dissolved solids controlled. When cutting machine idles, water is recirculated and filtered with clean water overflowing to dirty tank. System can be used in facilities without drain and treats make-up water to OEM specification. Optional chiller and hydraulic pump cooling are available in 1-15 ton sizes.

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Ebbco Designs Waterjet Cutting Closed Loop Filtration System To Meet Cleanliness Standards Of ISO 14000

Ebbco, Inc., New Baltimore, Michigan now has available a closed loop filtration system for use in the waterjet cutting industries. Designed to completely close the drain, the system reduces water consumption by 90% - 98% of normal use by filtering and reusing the overflow water from the waterjet machine. The Closed Loop Filtration System is built of stainless steel to increase the service life of the system. An optional chiller for cutting water temperature and hydraulic pump cooling built of stainless steel is available in sizes from 1 Ton (12,000 BTU) to 15 Ton (180,000 BTU). Use of the Closed Loop Filtration System eliminates the cost of make-up treatments including water softeners, reverse osmosis and DI water systems. This system also maximizes orifice life, reduces maintenance and maximizes machine performance. Ebbco supplies the correct high pressure pump manufacturers' specified water quality to the high-pressure pump. This results in reduced pump maintenance and machine tool downtime. Benefits of the Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System are: o Can be used in a facility without a drain o Reduces water consumption o Treats make-up water to OEM specification o Maximizes pump performance o Maximizes orifice/mixing tube life The Closed Loop System pumps the dirty water through a series of filters and resins, filtering down to .35 microns Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) controlled. It then supplies clean TDS controlled and chilled water to the high pressure pump as well as cools the hydraulics of the pump. The water is constantly recirculated and filtered with the clean water overflowing to the dirty tank when the cutting machine is idle. The four most important issues addressed concerning water quality, answered by an Ebbco System are: o Suspended solids - garnet and metal particles are filtered through a series of filters. o Dissolved solids - metals dissolved in water from the machine process as well as make up water are controlled with a TDS filter monitory system. o Organic fouling - the systems include an ozone generator, which injects ozone (O3) into the water to control bacteria growth. Biocides (such as chlorine or algaecide) are not needed. o Controlling temperature - a chiller is used to maintain 70ºF temperature water that is delivered back to the high-pressure pump. For additional information about Ebbco's Closed Loop Filtration Systems, contact: Mark Emerson, Sales Manager Ebbco Inc. 51536 Industrial Drive New Baltimore, MI 48047 Voice: 586-716-5151 Fax: 586-716-4949 E-mail: Ebbco Inc. is a full service design/build manufacturer of filtration systems and filter vessels, focusing on the metalworking industry since 1983. Products are sold to end-users through North American distribution and directly to OEMs. Company goals are to supply state-of-the-art innovative products that are cost effective and easy to use.

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