Filtered Ductless Fume Hood helps laboratories conserve energy.

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Designed for laboratories that are difficult to vent due to location, Protector® Echo™ operates independent of building's exhaust system and without removing tempered air from laboratory. Neutrodine™ filters handle jobs of 6+ other kinds of carbon filters, and sensor package, backup filters, and optional g-Guard® remote monitoring software work with range of chemicals. In case of chemical breakthrough or loss of airflow, alarm sounds and communication system alerts designated email address.

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Labconco Teams with Erlab to Create Next Generation of Filtered, Green Fume Hood

Laboratories that need to save on energy or are difficult to vent because of their location present a challenging problem for lab designers, installers and architects. Operating a traditional fume hood incurs a huge energy expense, and a lab can be permanently crippled if its designers choose a ductless enclosure that is not flexible enough to handle unpredictable future needs. The new energy-efficient Protector® Echo™ Filtered Fume Hood operates without removing tempered air from the laboratory and independent of the building's exhaust system. The Echo offers features that are unavailable with other ductless, filtered hoods. Erlab’s unique Neutrodine™ filters are the main filtration component of the Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hood. Neutrodine filters are made of a universal filter medium that handles the jobs of more than six other kinds of carbon filters.

The Echo's sensor package, backup filters and optional g-Guard® remote monitoring software is intended to work with a broader range of chemicals than other ductless enclosures. Remote monitoring and communication are some of the most important aspects of the Protector Echo. In the event of chemical breakthrough or loss of airflow, an alarm sounds and the communication system alerts a designated email address. The designated safety officer can be made aware of the problem immediately through any Internet enabled smart phone, tablet or computer.

The Protector Echo is also unique among filtered fume hoods because it is built on Labconco’s traditional fume hood platform, so it offers a comfortable workspace for users who are accustomed to the space and utility of a standard ducted fume hood. Labconco is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer the option of a fiberglass liner as well as the 360-degree windowed enclosure. Its design allows it to be fitted with fixtures and power receptacles like standard fume hoods.

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