Filter Media removes contaminants from water supplies.

Press Release Summary:

GreendsandPlus removes iron, manganese, arsenic, radium, and hydrogen sulfide from process water in chemical/industrial applications. It is resistant to attrition from high differential pressure, and works on waters that are low in silica, dissolved solids, and total hardness. Product can also be used in water over 70°F without degradation. GreensandPlus is available in 2,205 lb bulk super sacks and ½ cu-ft, 44 lb bags on pallets.

Original Press Release:

New GreensandPlus Filter Media for Water Treatment Removes Contaminants From Chemical/Industrial Process Water Supplies

Clayton, N. J. ­ The Inversand Company announces the introduction of GreendsandPlus ­an advanced water treatment, filter media that removes contaminants from process water used in chemical/industrial applications.

The new GreensandPlus for water treatment and filtration is an enhanced version of the firm¹s Manganese Greensand that is now available in stock for immediate shipment.

The Manganese Greensand filtration process efficiently and economically removes iron, manganese, arsenic, radium and hydrogen sulfide for municipal, industrial and point of use and a host of other applications.

Manganese Greensand has been the industry standard for this type of treatment for more than 50 years. The new GreensandPlus filter media has all the properties of the original media, plus some improvements.

GreensandPlus has the same effective size, uniformity coefficient, density, weight, capacity, backwash and pressure drop curve. Therefore, it can be used as an exact substitute for Manganese Greensand. In addition, GreensandPlus is much more resistant to attrition from high differential pressure, and works well on waters that are low in silica, dissolved solids and total hardness. It can also be used in water over 70 degrees F without any degradation.

Unlike Manganese Greensand, GreensandPlus is not dependent on the mining of glauconite; this results in reduced production time and streamlined manufacturing.

GreensandPlus is available in 1 metric ton, (2205 lbs. bulk) super sacks; or 1/2 cu. ft., 44 lbs. (20 kg.) bags on pallets.

Based in Clayton N.J. with mining and production facilities in Sewell, N.J., Inversand Co. has been producing filter media for water treatment since 1925. Manganese Greensand is made from glauconite, a mineral formed millions of years ago in coastal areas. The Inversand Company's glauconite mine located in Sewell N.J., has been the location of numerous significant prehistoric fossil discoveries.

For further information about GreensandPlus and Manganese Greensand, please contact Ms. Vivian Augustine, The Inversand Co., PO Box 650, Clayton, N.J. 08312, Tel: 856.881.2345 or Fax: 856.881.6859.

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