Filter Alarm alerts personnel to need for replacement.

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Filter Replacement Alarm System, installed into HEPA or ULPA fan/filter units, alerts personnel via flashing light of need to install new air filter. Photohelic gauge monitors backpressure within fan/filter unit, and manually adjustable needles mark initial pressure and accepted setpoint. Pressure is measured via air line placed into port installed in filter unit steel housing; optional port is also used for validation and leak testing of unit.

Original Press Release:

New from Terra Universal: Filter Replacement Alarm

Fullerton, CA – New from Terra Universal is their Filter Replacement Alarm System. It is installed into HEPA or ULPA fan/filter units to monitor filters for replacement. Once saturated with particulates that have been removed from circulating air, filter efficiency begins to decline. This alarm, in the form of a flashing light, alerts personnel of the need to install a new air filter.

A Photohelic gauge monitors the backpressure within the fan/filter unit. Manually adjustable needles mark the initial pressure and the accepted set-point (typically twice the baseline pressure level).  Power to the alarm illuminates a light, located near the pressure gauge; when the light flashes, the fan/filter unit pressure has increased to the acceptable level giving staff adequate time to order and install a new HEPA or ULPA filter.

Pressure is measured by way of an air line, placed into a port installed in the filter unit steel housing. This optional port is also used for validation and leak testing of the unit. Notification from a flashing light, or monitoring a conveniently placed gauge, is a more efficient way to control filter performance in the cleanroom.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience manufacturing critical enclosures equipped with environmental control systems. Visit for more information about their Filter Replacement Alarm System.

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