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Filling-Capping Monoblock targets food/pharmaceutical industries.

Press Release Summary:

Nov 13, 2012 - Equipped with 12 filling stations for bottles, containers, and jars of various shapes, EXACTA FP 12/6 achieves production speeds up to 150 bpm. Parts in direct contact with product, from collector to filling nozzles, are manufactured of AISI 316 L steel. Capping heads are equipped with brushless servomotors, ensuring flexibility when handling both screw-on caps and oriented caps. Featuring double inclination, draining base facilitates cleaning and sanitation operations for maximum hygiene.

Original Press Release

RONCHI: The New Challenge

Press release date: Oct 30, 2012

Renowned the world over as leading manufacturer of packaging machines for beauty care, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, appreciated at planetary level by the main multinational companies operating in these fields of activities, of which it has become the reference supplier, after almost half a century of pro-active, constant and qualified presence on a more and more demanding and combat-hardened marketplace, RONCHI has now launched a new challenge: the food market!

Its consolidated experience in the manufacture of high technology filling machines characterized by highest efficiency, is the excellent and sound base which has given impetus to RONCHI MARIO SpA for studying, designing and manufacturing a revolutionary and innovative Filling-Capping Monoblock:  EXACTA FP 12/6 new generation model. 
What better showcase to introduce it to the operators other than the recent IPACK-IMA Show in Milan? The choice has proven to be the good one indeed, at the light of the consents gathered and the interest shown by most of the operators, which really have gone quite far beyond every reasonable expectation. 

Designed after a long, in-deep and careful study of the standards currently into force governing the food industry, and without giving up the highly technological and advanced solutions that since ever distinguish the RONCHI brand, the result is a Filling-Capping Monoblock absolutely compact, ergonomic and efficient, which main features can be summarized as follows:

FILLING- CAPPING MONOBLOCK mod. EXACTA/FP 12/6  REDUCED PITCH for containers, bottles, jars of several shapes
“FP” = Food Pharmaceutical,
composed of:
-  High finishing level
-  Parts in direct contact with the product, from collector to filling nozzles,  entirely manufactured in AISI 316 L steel
-  Components certified by FDA ( Food and Drug Administration), the utmost authority ruling this matter in America  
-  Manufactured in “ultra clean” version
-  Ideal for pharmaceutical and food products 
-  12 filling stations suitable to achieve a production speed of up to 150 bpm
-  Inductive magnetic flow meters (ideal for high hygienic requirements and SIP) ;  as  for all Filling Machines  of the  EXACTA  series, it is possible to fit  mass-type flow meters)

-  New washing system with recycling  collector,  featuring high technology solutions that ensure the absolute hygiene granted by the closed circuit  system, whether the machine is running or on-hold 
-  Extremely quick washing operations (CIP and SIP),  automatically carried by from the operator’s panel
-  Capping heads equipped with brushless servomotors ensuring the highest flexibility when handling both screw-on caps and oriented caps
-  Recipes governable from the operator’s panel for screw-on parameters
-  Recipes governable from the operator’s panel for orienting parameters
-  Motorized height adjustment carried out from the operator’s panel, also for the eventual cap sorter and camera
In general about the MONOBLOCK:
-  Draining base with double inclination which facilitates cleaning and sanitation operations , ensuring maximum hygiene that the industry requires.
-  External collecting tray
-  Reduction of the loading points of handling parts on the base cladding
-  Servo motorized in-feed scroll
-  Reduced height and weight, translating into compactness and space saving
-  Format change-over operations extremely simple and fast,  thanks to special devices which allow a rapid disassembling of the various components, without the need of any tool.

Other novelties are about to get out from the Gessate based plant of this company, novelties which incorporate ideas even more innovative and revolutionary, about which, however, RONCHI prefers not to disclose so much. 
We cannot but patiently await some weeks more to see what is being kept by this dynamic company that, thanks to its  seriousness, constancy, professionalism and devotion through the years has won respect and prizes from all those fashionable brands which since ever dictate the rules on the market of personal care and household products. 

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