Filling and Closing Machine handles IV bags.

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Designed to handle IV bags made of any material ranging from 10 mL to 10 L, 2nd generation Type 529 Semi-Automatic IV Bag Filling and Closing Machine produces up to 1,600 aseptic bags/hour, depending on volume. Modular system offers choice of dosing technology, including mass flow, peristaltic pump, servo-operated pinched valve, and rotary piston pump — all with process control technology. All product contact parts are 316L SS or FDA-approved synthetics and can be autoclaved.

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Bausch Advanced Technology Group Introduces New Generation of IV Bag Filling and Closing System

Bausch Advanced Technology Group, a leading supplier of pharmaceutical packaging equipment worldwide, introduces the 2nd generation Type 529 Semi-Automatic IV Bag Filling and Closing Machine for aseptic packaging of infusions, parenteral drugs and other pharmaceutical and biotech fluids. Ideal for hospitals, laboratories, biotech companies and manufacturers that require aseptic fills, the modular Type 529 is user friendly, easy to clean, flexible and cost efficient.

The 2nd generation Type 529 handles IV bags from 10 ml to 10 liters made of any materials, producing up to 1,600 aseptic bags per hour depending on volume. Introducing a commercially viable alternative to traditional aseptic vials, Bausch Advanced Technology Group’s updated IV bag system offers a new concept in aseptic filling. The machine features a new design in which nothing stands between the way of the laminar air flow and the open bag. Thus, the machine design is perfectly suited for isolator or cRABS applications.

The modular 2nd generation Type 529 has the flexibility to expand as production needs grow. As higher outputs are required, additional semi-automatic filling/closing stations can be added. Up to four filling/closing stations can be integrated within the machine footprint using the original electronics, IPC and HMI. Even with four stations, the easy-to-use semi-automatic system requires only one operator depending on IV bag volume.

Bausch Advanced Technology Group can equip the versatile Type 529 IV Bag Filling and Closing Machine with multiple options to meet each customer’s requirements. The company offers a choice in dosing technology – mass flow, peristaltic pump, servo-operated pinched valve and rotary piston pumps – all with process control technology, if required. The system can be adapted to many closure types (for hard ports or flexible tubing) or sealing technologies (High Frequency, ultrasonic, heat). For highly sensitive products, the Type 529 can be equipped with an air evacuating and pre- and/or post-gassing system. To ease sanitation, a clean-in-place (CIP) or sterilize-in-place (SIP) system can be integrated. Nothing is in the path of the laminar flow unit and the opening of the bag to allow air flow.

To maximize product safety, the Type 529 IV Bag Filling and Closing Machine features a fully integrated automatic closing system that eliminates possible contamination. All product contact parts are 316L stainless steel or FDA-approved synthetics. All contact parts can be autoclaved, which eliminates the need to irradiate parts during sanitation.

The system meets or exceeds FDA, cGMP, PIC and GAMP pharmaceutical guidelines.

The Bausch Advanced Technology Group designed the 2nd generation Type 529 IV Bag Filling and Closing Machine for ease of use. The flat color touchscreen control panel (Siemens or Alen Bradley) offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and easy to use. To operate the semi-automatic system, an operator need only insert the bag – the system automatically fills, closes and handles the closures or seal.

Changeovers are fast and simple on the Type 529. Volume changes are accomplished via the touchscreen control panel. Size part changes can be accomplished in only 15 minutes without tools.

The 2nd generation Type 529 machines can be combined with semi-automatic IV bag inspection machines as well as IV bag check weighing and leak test machines.

For users requiring higher output, the Group offers fully automatic IV bag filling machines and FFS lines (Form-Fill-Seal technology).

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Bausch Advanced Technology Group (BATG) combines an extensive experience of over 30 years in engineering and manufacturing of machinery dedicated to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. It offers complete turnkey pharmaceutical packaging lines for syringes, cartridges, vials, ampoules and IV bags. The Group maintains manufacturing plants in the USA, Germany and Brazil and benefits from a large distribution network covering many countries worldwide.

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