Fill-Rite nextec™ Intelligence Fuel Transfer Pump comes with ultra-high flow nozzle.

Press Release Summary:

Fill-Rite nextec™ Intelligence Fuel Transfer Pump can be operated using 12- to 24-volt power input source. Unit enables user to monitors status and emits Intelligent Tones™ which help to identify pump condition. Product comes with hose and offers automatic power down after 20 minutes in an inactive mode.

Original Press Release:

Tuthill Announces Industry's First Continuous-Duty Fuel Transfer Pump

Tuthill announced Fill-Rite nextec™ Intelligence, a first-of-its-kind, smart fuel transfer pump technology that optimizes the fueling of fleet, construction and agricultural equipment.

nextec™ Intelligence consists of an exclusive array of design advancements, smart technologies and user functionalities that take pump performance to new levels. These include:

  • continuous duty - the industry's first continuous duty pump for fuel transfer 1
  • 2- to 24-volt power input - accepts a range of power from 12 to 24 volts
  • better efficiency - requires a lower amp draw
  • auto power down - includes auto power down after 20 minutes of inactivity to conserve power and prevent excessive wear
  • self-monitoring - monitors status and emits Intelligent Tones™ to identify specific pump conditions when attention is required

"Up until now, pumping large volumes of fuel, filling large tanks or a number of vehicles meant you had to stop the pump every 30 minutes to let it cool down. Now, with nextec™ Intelligence, the pump self-manages to maintain optimum performance and continuous operation," said Tom Carmazzi, Tuthill CEO. "With nextec™ Intelligence in their pumps, fuel operators have advanced technology that predicts, protects and performs."

Fill-Rite's initial offering of pumps with nextec™ Intelligence are available now and include pump only (NX3204) and pump, hose and ultra-high flow nozzle (NX3210B). Foot-mount model options will be available in the fourth quarter.

About Tuthill Corporation

Tuthill Corporation is a diversified global manufacturing company, developing and supplying industrial products for value-minded customers. The Fort Wayne manufacturing facility builds Fill-Rite®, Sotera Systems® and Tuthill® branded fuel and chemical transfer pumps, meters and accessories. These brands are recognized internationally for superior quality and performance.


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