Field Monitor and Probes acquire readings down to .5 V/m.

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Starprobe Laser Probe, model FL7004, incorporates sphere that measures more than 1 in. Able to sense and adapt to environmental conditions, laser-powered E-field probe employs detectors and antenna that aid performance in presence of harmonic distortion and provide isotropic response free of spikes. Noise reduction and temperature compensation allow for field readings down to .5 V/m. E or H Field Probes cover frequency range from 100 kHz to 60 GHz.

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AR Worldwide Launches New Line of E or H Field Probes and a Technologically Advanced Field Monitor

Products Offer a New Level of Accuracy, Efficiency, Intelligence and Ease of Use.

Souderton, PA - 4/22/05 - AR Worldwide has announced the launch of a completely new line of field monitoring products that includes a laser-powered E-field probe, a field monitor, and six battery-powered E or H field probes. This group of new products replaces existing offerings and represents the latest and most advanced technologies, resulting in what AR describes as a whole new level in accuracy, efficiency, intelligence and ease of use.

Starprobe Laser Probe (model FL7004), the laser-powered E-field probe, is exceptionally small, with a sphere that measures slightly more than one inch. Yet, it has the ability to sense and adapt to environmental conditions. Patented detectors (U.S. Patent 6,393,876) and its unique antenna design provide better performance in the presence of harmonic distortion and allow for better isotropic response, free of spikes and glitches. Noise reduction plus temperature compensation allow for extremely accurate low field readings - down to .5 V/m or better.

The Starmonitor Field Monitor (model FM7004) automatically configures itself to work with either laser or battery-powered probes. The monitor also features new displays and graphics that make it easier to use.

Six new Battery-Powered (rechargeable and user replaceable) E or H Field Probes as a group cover the frequency range from 100 kHz - 60 GHz. The family of probes will offer quicker calibration turnaround and more complete calibration data; excellent isotropy and linearity; plus single continuous range and extreme sensitivity. One of the six probes (model FP7050) reads radar pulses.

The new products are examples of AR Worldwide Competitive Edge products. AR supplies a multitude of unique RF solutions to companies around the world. The company's limitless support network reaches the far corners of the globe. And AR Worldwide field probes and field monitor are backed by its exclusive, "best-in-the-business, second-to-none" 3-year warranty.

And, for a limited time, AR Worldwide is offering a savings of over $2,000 if you purchase both the Starprobe and the Starmonitor. Talk to your AR Worldwide Sales Associates for details.

For more information, contact AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation, 160 School House Rd. Souderton, PA 18964 at 215-723-8181 or at For an applications engineer, call 800-933-8181.

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