Fiberoptic Slipring

Fiberoptic Systems was invited by the customer to participate in the design and
manufacture of a datalink to provide high speed bi-directional data between the
base of an 'azimuth' 3D laser scanner and its rotating vertical scanning
component with the following features:

- compatible with commercially available WDM bi-directional transceiver modules

- low loss in the gap

- no optical 'hotspots'

- tolerance for radial misalignment

The solution provided by FSI was a custom precision mechanical interface, optically
coupling a standard data transmission fiber into a discrete 400 micron integrator,
providing excellent transmission characteristics and no particular impositions
on the accuracy of the centering. Connectors can be SC/PC or LC/PC or any other
connector of choice. A Fiberdyne connector is shown in the diagram.

This concept can be used with various commercially available wavelength division
multiplexed high-speed transceiver modules.

For further information and assistance, please contact:

Fiberoptic Systems Inc.,

(800) 995 8016 technical assistance

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