Fiberglass Cloth withstands temperatures to 1,000°F.

Press Release Summary:

Manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn, heat-resistant PARGLASS cloth contains no compound, cement, or wire and will not burn or smolder. It retains 25% of tensile strength, even when service conditions reach 1,000°F, and will not swell, shrink, deteriorate, or change chemically. Available in weights from 8.5-40 oz/yd², product can be aluminized on one side for thermal reflection or have brass or stainless steel wire inserts for increased tensile strength.

Original Press Release:

Heat-Resistant Fiberglass Cloth Product Line Available from Pars Manufacturing

A line of heat-resistant, fiberglass cloth products, designed for use in foundry, metalworking, heat treating and other high-temperature industrial applications, is available from Pars Manufacturing Company, Ambler, PA.

PARGLASS Fiberglass Cloth is a plain, tightly woven cloth manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn; it contains no compound, cement or wire. Engineered to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees F, PARGLASS fiberglass cloth meets United States Coast Guard requirements for incombustible materials and will not burn or smolder.

Recommended uses include welding curtains, fire blankets, insulation blankets, industrial and marine lagging, asbestos cloth substitute and drape cloth, among others.

In contrast to many high temperature fabrics, PARGLASS cloth is exceptionally strong, retaining 25% of its tensile strength even when service conditions reach temps of 1000 F. Other properties include good thermal conductivity, high dielectric strength and low constants.

Unlike other gasketing or insulating materials, the product will not swell, shrink, deteriorate or change chemically even after long exposure to water.

PARGLASS Cloth is available in a variety of weights (8.5 to 40 ounces per square yard), finishes (heat-treated, waterproofed, weave set, renwet and/or flameproof), coatings (neoprene, vinyl, Teflon., and constructions (aluminized on one side for thermal reflection; with brass or stainless steel wire inserts for increased tensile strength).

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