Fiber Optic Panels provide uniform backlight solution.

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Utilizing single 5 mm LED light source, Woven Fiber Optic(TM) panels provide backlighting solution for monochrome LCD displays in digital pressure test gauges operating in low- to mid-ambient light environments. Products deliver uniform illumination with no hot spots and can be customized with choice of colors. Use of panels has no adverse effect on sensitive, internal analog components. They consume 3.6 V, 25 mA and require no inverter or EMI/RFI filtering.

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Lumitex Fiber Optic Panels Provide New Backlighting Solution for Digital Pressure Test Gauges

Strongsville, OH, December 2005 - Fiber optic panels utilizing a single LED light source offer manufacturers of digital pressure test gauges a practical, low cost, easy to customize solution for backlighting their LCD displays.

Lumitex's patented Woven Fiber Optic(TM) panels enable design-in of a backlight that provides a bright and uniform illumination for monochrome LCD displays by only using one (1) 5mm LED. This technology allows easy readability of data in psi, ºC, and other standard engineering units provided by pressure and temperature calibrators that are used in a variety of process control industries and operate in low to mid ambient light environments.

Benefits of the fiber optic backlighting technology include: a bright, more uniform backlight (with no hot spots compared with LED lightpipe or LED array technology), lower power consumption, lower tooling costs (compared to light pipes & EL), easy customization (with choice of colors), no heat emission or EMI/RFI, and long life with no degradation in brightness (compared to EL).

Woven fiber optic panels used to backlight the BetaGauge PI digital pressure test gauge manufactured by Martel Electronics Corp., a leader in hand held and bench calibrators, process instruments and indicators for the process industry and OEM applications, have enabled the company to equip the unit with an attractive blue backlight for a 1.5" x 3" LCD panel with a 5-1/2 digit display with 0.65" high digits and a 20 segment bar graph.

The use of these fiber optic panels allows Martel to backlight the display with no adverse effect on sensitive, internal analog components (unlike EL). And, should the customer prefer, the blue backlight can easily be changed to a different color such as green or white by merely substituting a different LED. Power consumption is only 3.6V, 25 mA and, unlike EL, the fiber optic panels require no inverter or EMI/RFI filtering.

"The use of fiber optic panels allowed us to integrate a high quality backlight into the unit without increasing the cost to our customers," said Greg Lindstrom, Martel's Senior Design Engineer.

"Martel's BetaGauge PI is only one example of the advantages that our patented fiber optic backlighting offers to designers of high-precision temperature and pressure gauges, calibrators, process indicators and a wide range of other bench and hand-held test instrumentation," said Thomas Fisher, Sales Engineer at Lumitex.

Pricing for Lumitex fiber optic panels ranges from $2.50 to $7.00, depending on parameters such as size, number of light sources, brightness requirements and quantity. For details, contact Lumitex with your requirements.

For more information on Lumitex's patented Woven Fiber Optic(TM) backlighting, contact Lumitex Inc., 8443 Dow Circle, Strongsville, OH 44136. Tel: 1-800-969-5483; 440-243-8401; Fax: 440-243-8402; E-Mail: Web:

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