Fiber Optic OTDR Resistant to Dust, Moisture and Shock

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has recently released its handheld fiber optic OTDR which is popular with customers due to its high stability and performance-to-price ratio.It is particularly designed for the installation and maintenance of single or multi-mode fibers in MAN, WAN, CATV and LAN networks.The OTDR is a cost-effective test unit to locate fault points in long-distance transmission fibers.It supports average and real time test modes. The unique hot key design makes it convenient to view and analyze test results as compared to traditional products.
This innovative fiber optic OTDR, model E30, tests the length of the optical cable or optical fiber, distance, loss,attenuation coefficient between two points, insertion loss of the optical connector, return loss of the fiber and also gives the distribution curve to describe fiber loss. It has the advantages of compact size, easy operation, high dynamic range, and high measurement precision. The fiber optic OTDR is resistant to dust, moisture and shock allowing it to perform well even in harsh outdoor environments. It saves up to 300 test curves and can transfer them to a PC for further analysis, reporting and printing via the included software. In addition, the OTDR is complete with adaptors for connection to different fibers.

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