Fiber Optic Assemblies withstand harsh environments.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring HLC® SCRATCHGUARD(TM) technology, TFOCA Fiber Optic Assemblies withstand constant handling required in tactical applications. HCL with SCRATCHGUARD technology has been shown to maintain consistent performance over course of 1,000 connector matings, ensure scratch-resistant mating surface that can withstand harsh environments, and prevent performance degrading scratches.

Original Press Release:

Megladon Announces New Product Release of TFOCAII Fiber Optic Assemblies with HLC® ScratchGuard(TM) Technology

Austin, Texas, - Megladon Manufacturing Group has announced that HLC and SCRATCHGAURD fiber optic technology is now available for the TFOCA family of fiber optic assemblies. Designed for harsh environments and field deployments, the TFOCA type connector has the need to withstand the constant handling and matings required in tactical applications, and these aspects are further complimented by HLC technology.

HLC with SCRATCHGAURD technology has been shown to maintain consistent high level performance over the course of 1000 connector matings and ensures a scratch resistant mating surface that can withstand harsh environments and prevent performance degrading scratches. HLC technology also brings industry leading loss and performance characteristics to the tactical connector market.

"HLC and TFOCA products are a match made in heaven," says Daniel Hogberg, Megladon Product Manager, "we are able to strengthen the TFOCA application and bring performance and reliability once thought impossible. When you take a tough product and make it tougher, you open up new possibilities in the realm of field deployable networks."

Megladon® Manufacturing Group Ltd., a subsidiary of TyRex Group Ltd.®, is recognized as a leader in the fiber optic marketplace. Founded in 1997, Megladon made it their mission to provide customers with fiber optic products that far exceed industry standards. As technology innovators, Megladon created the HLC® (Hardened Lens Contact) termination, which has changed the market and taken it to the next level. For additional information on Megladon and their patented processes please visit the company's website at

For additional information regarding Megladon's variety of fiber optic products please contact John Culbert at 512.615.4687 or by email at

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