Fiber Optic Amplifier optimizes flexibility via programmability.

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Programmable for range of applications and conditions, DF-G1 Expert simultaneously shows signal level and threshold via 2 digital displays. TEACH and SET methods let users modify response time, signal level, and sensitivity. This flexibility lets unit support diverse sensing requirements, including low contrast situations, small object detection, and parts in place verification. Sensing output is compatible for interfacing with all standard PLCs, HMIs, and other machine control systems.

Original Press Release:

Dual Display Fiber Amplifier with Easy Teach and Programming Extends Range of Sensing Applications

New DF-G1 Expert from Banner Engineering handles small part detection and low contrast situations

A dual display fiber optic amplifier that can be easily programmed for a wide range of applications and conditions has been introduced by Banner Engineering. The new DF-G1 Expert has two easy-to-read digital displays showing signal level and threshold simultaneously for simple operation and pinpoint accuracy.

Its expert TEACH and SET methods allow users to modify response time, signal level and sensitivity. This flexibility allows the unit to support many sensing needs, including low contrast situations, small object detection and parts in place verification.

The amplifier is designed for use on machines performing part detection in packaging; electronic assembly; pill, caplet and syringe counting for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers; and high speed edge detection for web processes and material handling. It assures accurate low contrast detection of small objects and supports machines with high sensing point density, where the fiber allows accurate detection in confined locations.

Sensing output is compatible for interfacing with all standard PLCs, HMIs and other machine control systems. An advanced crosstalk avoidance algorithm allows multiple sensors to operate in close proximity. The operator can use variable settings to optimize performance for the best balance of speed and distance.

The unit's thermally stable electronics minimize warmup drift and allow stacking of multiple amplifiers on standard 35 mm DIN rail. The 10 mm wide housing minimizes space consumption in panels. A lever action fiber clamp assures stable, reliable connection. Robust housing and fiber assemblies allow operation in high temperature and mechanically challenging environments. Special Teflon-coated fiber assemblies allow for sensing even in harsh chemical atmospheres.

Banner Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vision sensors, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, indicator lights, machine guarding systems, precision measurement and inspection systems and wireless network products. The company provides local application support worldwide.

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