Fiber Optic A/B Switch ensures less than 1.0 dB insertion loss.

Press Release Summary:

Offering manual control via front panel pushbutton or remote control via RS-232 (DB9) serial port, QuickSwitch® 6271 lets users access either of 2 SC duplex fiber optic networks from one computer connected to SC duplex COMMON port. MEMS-based multimode mirror switch (1,300 nm) shows position on front panel LED. Switched fiber optic SC duplex ports are transparent to data and speed, and switch will remain in current position and continue to allow unit to pass data in event of power failure.

Original Press Release:

New Fiber Optic Network A/B Switch Ensures Insertion Losses of Less than 1.0 dB.

QuickSwitch® 6271 Fiber Optic SC Duplex A/B Mirror Switch w/ Remote Serial Control

QuickSwitch® 6271 Features:
  • Access either of two SC Duplex Fiber Optic networks from one computer connected to an SC Duplex COMMON port.
  • MEMS-based multimode mirror switch, 1300 nm.
  • Manual control by the front panel pushbutton.
  • Remote control through RS-232 (DB9) serial port.
  • Switch position displayed on front panel LED or on computer terminal via remote port.
  • Insertion losses are less than 1.0 dB.
  • The switched Fiber Optic SC Duplex ports are transparent to data and speed.
  • In the event of a power failure, the switch will remain in its current position and continue to allow the unit to pass data.

    Electro Standards Laboratories' Model 6271 enables a device connected to the COMMON port to access either of two separate Fiber Optic networks via SC duplex ports. This cutting-edge switch utilizes MEMS-based (Micro Electro Mechanical System) multimode switches. The switch position of the Model 6271 can be controlled manually via a front panel pushbutton or remotely using the RS-232 serial port located on the rear of the unit. Once connected to the remote port, the computer can use any common terminal emulation software to manipulate the controls and monitor the switch position.


    CONNECTORS: Ports A, B and COMMON are Fiber Optic SC duplex ports.
    WAVELENGTH: 1300 nm.
    FIBER OPTIC PORT INTERFACE: Ports A, B and COMMON are fiber optic SC duplex multimode 62.5 micron ports that accept standard fiber optic SC duplex connectors.
    REMOTE PORT INTERFACE: RS-232 (DB9) serial port, 9600 bps, located on rear of unit, may be connected to any standard RS-232 port or a computer.
    CONTROLS: Manual Pushbutton or via remote DB9 RS-232 serial port.
    DISPLAY: Front panel LED or computer terminal via remote port.
    OWER: UL approved, 115VAC / 60HZ wall mount supply, included with the unit.
    DIMENSIONS: 1.75" H x 8" D x 19" W
    WEIGHT: 4.5 lbs

    SC connector offers excellent packing density, and its push-pull design resists fiber end face contact damage during connection.
    Ceramic connectors provide low signal loss, high reliability, and long life.
    Call for custom length fiber optic cables. Have them shipped along with your unit.

    For an 850 nm wavelength version of this switch, See Model 6270, Catalog No 306270.

    Electro Standards Laboratories provides fiber optic switches for all popular interfaces. Multiple channel switches and custom configurations are available on request.

    Call today to discuss your requirement.


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