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Fiber Laser Marker utilizes 3-axis technology.

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Fiber Laser Marker utilizes 3-axis technology.

Nov 12, 2012 - With 50 W output, MD-F5100 Series delivers high-speed marking and deep engraving on metal and plastic targets. Three-axis technology allows for consistent marking on 3D surfaces and far edges of 300 x 300 mm marking field. Wobble function cuts marking times for distinct black characters on metal without swelling or cracking. Featuring fanless architecture, marker has IP64-rated head unit where internal components are unaffected by hazardous elements such as dirt, dust, water, and oil mist.

Keyence Corp. of America - Itasca, IL

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Cutting Edge Laser Marking Technology

Press release date: Nov 07, 2012

The MD-F5100 Series

Itasca, IL

Product Overview
Keyence introduces the new, MD-F5100 Series, 50W 3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker to their product lineup. The compact and fanless architecture along with an IP64 rating (head unit) allows for use in the most demanding manufacturing environments. The internal components of the MD-F Series marking head are not affected by hazardous elements such as dirt, dust, water, and oil mist.

With unmatched functionality, a high-power, 50 Watt output ensures high speed marking and deep engraving on a variety of metal and plastic targets. New functions such as “Scratch Control” and “Deep Engraving”, along with fiber laser technology leads to remarkable improvements in marking time, production efficiency, and quality.

Keyence’s unique wide area, 3-Axis technology, allows for consistent marking quality on 3D surfaces and the far edges of the marking field (300 x 300 mm). Eliminate changes in character shape, distortion, and beam spot size variations, all of which are caused by the characteristics of conventional lenses. Even at the edges of the area, perfectly focused marking is possible. The MD-F5100 Series 3-Axis programming can flexibly support multiple product types being marked on the same production line. Instead of changing the machine tooling, simply change the program.

The MD-F5100 makes it possible to select the optimum laser scanning control to match the application, improving marking time and quality in nearly every application. Additionally, the new wobble function significantly reduces marking times for distinct black characters on metal without swelling or cracking.

A combination of best-in-class 50 W output, 3-Axis control and newly developed functions, KEYENCE once again leads the way in cutting edge laser marking technology. The MD-F5100 Series Fiber Laser Marker is the ideal choice for a wide array of industries and applications.

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