Fiber Frame System delivers modular, scalable, FTTx solution.

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Central Office Fiber Distribution System enables all functions of FTTx deployment to be managed and accessed from one location. Distribution panels, splitters, and wavelength division multiplexers incorporated into system allow for patching from active to passive gear, RF video overlay, and distribution out to customers. Configured to specific needs, 6 in. high frame, utilizing high-density panels and optical component chassis with WDM and 1x32 modules, can serve up to 576 customers.

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APA Cables & Networks Introduces Fiber Frame Solution for FTTX 'Homerun' Deployments

Dedicated Frame System Allows for All Functions of a FTTX Deployment in One Easily Accessed and Managed Location

PLYMOUTH, Minn., Aug. 1 - APA Cables & Networks (NASDAQ:APAT) (APACN), a leading provider of fiber connectivity systems for Fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) networks and wholly owned subsidiary of APA Enterprises, Inc., today announced an integrated Central Office (CO) Fiber Frame System designed for FTTx deployments choosing to deploy using a Homerun Passive Optical Network (PON) methodology. APACN's integrated fiber frame system, the Fiber Distribution System (FDS), is an ideal fiber management solution for environments where thousands of individual fibers require the best in modularity, flexibility and accessibility. In addition, the architecture allows for an easy migration from passive to active gear, thereby future-enabling the network.

This configuration allows service providers to optimally deploy into environments where:

o The number of desired homes can all be effectively reached from the
C/O over a 1 x 32, 1 x 16, or 1 x 8 signal strength;
o Placement of OSP cabinets is not desirable;
o OSP cabinets are used as cross-connects only;
o Control and administration of optical components is desired back in
the C/O.

All FTTx Functions in One Location

APACN's high-density FTTx fiber frame solution allows for a FTTx network to be managed in one convenient centralized location. Distribution panels, splitters and wave-length division multiplexers (WDM) are incorporated into the system and allow for easy patching from active to passive gear, RF video overlay, and distribution out to customers.

A Modular, Scalable Solution

The building block for APACN's FTTx FDS frame solution is a 6" high "footprint" that allows for a wide range of panel configurations, densities, connectors and adapter options. Utilizing APACN's high-density panels and optical component chassis loaded with WDM modules and 1x32 modules, up to 576 customers can be served in a standard 7 foot frame. Unique to the system is its modular design that allows for fast deployment without a large initial expense, and then allowing for easy upgradeability by installing additional panels and components to the system as customer take-rates grow.

"Density along with access and protection in the central office is a chief concern of every telecommunications engineer," commented Johnny Hill, APACN vice president of product development. "The APACN solution offers all three without requiring the service provider to completely outfit their central office at the on-set of the project. The modularity of the platform ensures a 'grow-as-you-go' deployment methodology."

Configuration Design Services

Due to the unique modularity of the APACN platform design and the company's commitment to meeting the unique specifications of each individual customer, APACN configures its products to fit specific user needs, and invites service providers to submit their design requirements. Customized rack elevation drawings, providing visualization of individual customer network requirements, are available without charge.

Now Available

The FTTx FDS is designed for 23" frame environments. 7, 8 and 9 foot solutions are available with an accompanying line of fiber management accessories. For more information, please visit APA Cables & Networks at .

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APA Cables & Networks (APACN) is a leading provider of fiber connectivity systems designed to meet the unique and demanding requirements of today's independent telephone, cable television and municipal networks. The APACN product line, including fiber frames and panels, OSP cabinets and optical components, offers an innovative, modular and scalable platform designed for use in central office and OSP architectures and has successfully been deployed in some of the harshest of Fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) environments. A full-line of fiber and copper assemblies complements the APACN solution. To learn more, please visit .

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