Ferraz Shawmut Arc Flash Mitigation Products Protect Electric Systems from Service Entrances to Motors

NEWBURYPORT, Mass., May 9, 2007 - Ferraz Shawmut, a global leader in the field of circuit protection, showcases its Amp-Trap 2000® family of Type "2" (No Damage) circuit protection products. Amp-Trap 2000 current-limiting fuses prevent high-energy arcs that can stop production, damage HVAC equipment, and shut down lighting and communications. Opening in less than one-quarter cycle at fault currents up to 300kA, Amp-Trap 2000 fuses minimize the let-thru current that flows downstream.

Complete low-voltage electric system protection is available from service entrance to the smallest motors. The fuses feature time delay, handling inrush currents from motor starters and transformers without nuisance opening, and easy 2:1 selectivity to avoid nuisance shutdowns and blackouts.

A4BQ Class L Fuses

A4BQ fuses provide optimal overcurrent protection for service entrances, large motors, feeders and other circuits. Lower current-limiting thresholds and let-thru energies are the key features of the A4BQ line.

Designed for applications requiring fuses greater than 600 amps, A4BQ offers an interrupting rating of 300 kA and a unique design that delivers the best degree of arc flash mitigation in its class. With minimum time delays of four seconds at 500 percent of their rated currents to handle harmless inrush currents, these fuses are 20 percent more current limiting than any other Class L fuse.

AJT Class J Time Delay Fuses

The most current-limiting UL-class fuses, Ferraz Shawmut's AJTs provide optimal performance, prevent interchangeability with other fuses and save valuable panel space. This enables the use of smaller, more economical fuse blocks and IEC contactors to provide superior protection for dedicated or combined motor, lighting, heating and transformer loads.

The ideal choice for new applications of 600 amps and less, AJT offers excellent current-limiting performance for short circuits and time delay for overloads. The unique Class J dimensions prevent improper substitutions. Lower current-limiting thresholds and let-thru energies provide the best degree of arc energy mitigation. The time delay for overloads ensures reliable operation in the presence of temporary overloads.

A2D and A6D Class RK1 Fuses

Significantly more current limiting than Class RK5 fuses, Ferraz Shawmut's A2D and A6D fuses are ideal for upgrading existing feeder and branch circuits of 600 amps and less to today's Type "2" No Damage technology. Low current-limiting thresholds and let-thru energies offer excellent arc energy mitigation. The time delay for overloads ensures reliable operation in the presence of temporary overloads. Fuse dimensions also allow for simple upgrades of existing Class H, Class K and Class RK5 fuses.

Additionally, Ferraz Shawmut's SmartSpot® solid-body indicator is included on Class J and RK1 fuses. SmartSpot senses when a fuse opens and turns eye-catching red for faster, safer fuse changes and less costly downtime.

HSRK Class RK1 Fuses

Designed to safeguard sensitive power electronics while meeting the National Electrical Code requirements for branch circuit protection and performing to the industry standards of a semiconductor fuse. The additional safeguards in the HSRK hybrid design result in leading cost effectiveness and a significant increase in safety.

"The most current-limiting RK1 fuse on the market, Ferraz Shawmut's HSRK fuses are used with a disconnect switch to allow end users the ease of selecting a single fuse, ensuring overload and short circuit protection in addition to protecting sensitive power electronics," said Kent Walker, director of technical sales and services for Ferraz Shawmut. "The dual job function of the HSRK fuse reduces the expense of replacement parts and increases cost savings."

Recent concern about electrical safety in industrial environments calls for more current-limiting fuses to be installed in electrical systems, reducing arc flash potential and the incident energy levels produced under fault conditions. The use of HSRK fuses can reduce incident energy levels enough to change the category of protective clothing that workers are required to wear while working on equipment in an energized state.

For further details on any Ferraz Shawmut circuit protection products send a request to info@ferrazshawmut.com, or visit the company Web site at us.ferrazshawmut.com.

Ferraz Shawmut has been a leader in circuit protection for industry and the electrical market for more than 100 years. With a complete line of current-limiting fuses and accessories, Ferraz Shawmut prides itself on delivering innovative, problem-solving products like the SmartSpot® open-fuse indicator, Amp-Trap 2000® fuses, ULTRASAFE(TM) fuse holders, Protistor® semiconductor fuses and Select-A-Fuse® software. Two of the company's latest innovations are its new line of Amp-Trap® High-Speed Class J (HSJ) fuses, engineered specifically for the protection of today's sensitive electronic motor controllers, and the industry's first line of Finger-Safe Power Distribution Blocks (FSPDBs), delivering the ultimate in safety and ease-of-use when making power connections in electrical panels. Ferraz Shawmut, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Carbone Lorraine Group. For more information, contact the company by phone at (978) 462-6662 or visit us.ferrazshawmut.com

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