Fenner Precision Announces Its Smallest Belt Ever

- Small in dimension - Big in performance -

Manheim, PA - From their commitment to research and development, Fenner Precision engineers have developed a process to produce a 60mm circumference belt with a 1mm pitch. The FHT-1 is by far the smallest belt ever produced by Fenner Precision, a leader in belts, tires and pulleys. The high-torque, curvilinear belt is made of extremely durable polyurethane, a clean running, non-dusting, chemical resistant material which can withstand temperatures of -40° C to 80° C (-40° F to 176° F.)

"Until now, most of the belts available were significantly bigger," said Tony Watts, Global Marketing Manager for Fenner Precision. "This is a significant breakthrough for engineers who struggle to meet the consumers' demand for miniaturized precision medical devices and robotics."

Fenner Precision engineers worked with engineers from Tensys Medical, Inc., a medical device manufacturer, in San Diego, to develop this belt for the TL-150 Continuous, Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring System. The Fenner Precision belt is the key link that allows the motors and gears to maintain precise positioning of the sensor over to the artery. The unit is operable for up to 18 hours.

"Because the TL-150 is used to continuously monitor pressure during surgical procedures, precision, size and dependability was of the utmost concern," said Chris Jones, CEO of Tensys Medical, Inc. "Fenner engineers worked with us from the conception of the monitor and understood the importance of its applications. They worked with us to find the best available solution."

"Though developed for a blood pressure monitoring application, we see potential for use in oxygen pumps, insulin pumps, home dialysis and prosthetics as well as non-medical implications such as security, aerospace, robotics, automotive and even hobbies," continued Watts. "With our new production process, we can produce this very small belt in very high volumes with quick lead times."

About Tensys
Tensys Medical, Inc. is the leader in real-time blood pressure management. The Tensys T-Line, the company's lead product, was cleared by the FDA in November 2002 for non-invasive, continuous real-time blood pressure monitoring.

The T-Line non-invasively and continuously measures a patient's blood pressure at the radial artery. It offers clinicians better, more effective control over patient safety by allowing them to quickly monitor and manage blood pressure variations. The T-Line provides continuous, real-time data and has clinically equivalent accuracy to that of the arterial line (A-line). The device is based on Tensymetry, the company's proprietary and patented technology for non-invasively extracting the continuous, beat-to-beat pressure waveform from the radial artery without the use of any external calibration device. The science of Tensymetry is the result of over ten years of research and development.

Tensys Medical is based in San Diego, California and was founded in November 1995. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at www.tensysmedical.com.

About Fenner Precision
Fenner Precision is a global leader in the design and development of belts, pulleys and tires for paper propulsion applications including consumer printers, office machines, mail handling machines and money handling equipment. The company also manufactures specialty technical coated fabrics for low friction and high temperature applications. Fenner Precision is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fenner PLC. For more information, visit www.fennerprecision.com.

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