Feedthrough Actuator provides motion control in vacuum.

Press Release Summary:

Chamberlink, single-unit combination feedthrough and servo actuator, allows output shaft to operate in vacuum without shaft seals, preventing leaks. It is available in sizes 10, 14, and 32, with output torques from 10 to 300 in.-lb and output speeds of 10 to 50 rpm. Actuator is rated for vacuum levels of 10E-8 Torr.

Original Press Release:

The Chamberlink High Vacuum Feedthough Actuator

The Chamberlink, from Harmonic Drive Technologies, is a combination feedthrough and servo actuator. It is capable of delivering precise motion control into a vacuum.

The single unit design of the Chamberlink makes it an intrinsic part of the chamber, allowing the output shaft to operate in the vacuum without shaft seals, preventing leaks. The Chamberlink is a more cost-effective solution than both rotary feedthroughs, which require a ferrofluid or o-rings, and magnetic feedthroughs which do not provide a positive connection.

The Chamberlink is available in 3 sizes, 10, 14, and 32. Output torques range from 10-300 inch pounds with output speeds of 10-50 rpm. All Chamberlink products are rated for vacuum levels of 10E-8 Torr.

Harmonic Drive Technologies of Peabody, Mass., is a leading manufacturer of precision harmonic drive gearheads, component gear sets and complete harmonic drive actuators for several industries, including: semiconductor, factory automation, robotics, medical and aerospace. Harmonic Drive Technologies supplies standard off-the-shelf and custom motion control solutions utilizing harmonic drive and RV gearing technology.

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