Feeder System suits pick-and-place process.

Press Release Summary:

Triligent Triple Intelligence Feeders, available in tape and stick configurations, maintain uninterrupted high-speed communication with pick-and-place machine. Multiple-LED status indicator and operator signaling display are provided on each unit. Data transmission between Feeder and pick and place system is accomplished via optical interface. Closed-loop servo tape-advance mechanism can be programmed and ensures fast, accurate component pick-up.

Original Press Release:

MIMOT Launches 'Triple Intelligent' Triligent Feeder System for Pick and Place

Irvine, California, USA -- MIMOT announces the introduction of its new Triligent - "Triple Intelligence" - feeders, which add speed, versatility, flexibility, and efficiency to the pick and place process. Available in both tape and stick configurations, MIMOT's Triligent feeder is "smart" in three significant ways:

o Maintains uninterrupted high speed communication with the pick and place machine, whether the feeder is mounted on the machine or in a storage rack;
o Multiple LED status indicator and operator signaling display on each feeder;
o Fully programmable servo-controlled tape advance mechanism for high precision component pick up.

Data transmission between the Feeder and the pick and place system is accomplished by means of a fast and highly accurate optical interface. The machine can address any feeder online, whether the feeder is in use on the system, or not in use, in its storage place.

The Triligent feeder is equipped with three (3) colored LED's which indicate different feeder status to the operator. Finding a feeder with a particular component, for example, is easy; the operator simply looks for the feeder with a blinking LED.

The closed-loop servo tape-advance mechanism can be programmed and ensures fast, accurate component pick up, essential for 0201 or Flip Chip placement.

The new Triligent feeder is designed to fit into an ergonomic environment. It is lightweight, and is equipped with two handles; one for carrying or transporting the feeder, and another for placing the feeder easily on the machine or into a storage rack.

The Triligent feeder makes MIMOT's flexible product changeover system even faster. For example, when combined with MIMOT's feeder capacity - the largest available on the market - the user can use the feeders for two consecutive production lots on the machine, so that product changeover takes no time at all, for maximum flexibility and process efficiency.

MIMOT is a global leader in flexible SMT placement equipment, with facilities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. MIMOT has led the industry in flexible, accurate placement technology for over 25 years. For more information, visit www.mimot.com, or contact MIMOT North America at 16 Technology Drive, Suite 133, Irvine, California, 92618 USA; tel. (949) 727-4600, fax (949) 727-4687.

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